Black Sheep Farm !

It’s been awhile and it’s been busy! I know this is a blog space for mostly climbing blips and outdoor adventures, but something so awesome is in the works on my family’s land. We are the proud owners of 10 acres out in Magnolia Texas. And for the longest time we hadn’t done much with it. Our 14 dogs usually just took reign of it. We own about ten pigs alongside a donkey and horse. But let’s face it those guys don’t take up much space.

As of late December my wife’s sister and her boyfriend moved home to the farm. And with 8 people and two house holds on the land, we’ve decided we need to provide for ourselves. We’ve decided to grow all of our vegetables and plants, while having enough to also sell at farmers markets.

We have successfully grown over 500 seedlings after many trials and errors. We’ve got seedlings ranging from cabbage, beets, tomatillos, and even sunflowers now planted on tilled land!

There have been long hot and exhausting days trying to figure out a timed water source, root stimulates, and even how to keep all the animals away. But so far we have found our way and all on our own! My family is pretty proud of what we were able to Accomplish in about three months time, and cannot wait to see just how big our small funny farm will grow!

As always thank you for the read!

Sarah Co-writer theDIHEDRAL

7 Replies to “Black Sheep Farm !”

  1. Oh that’s great! We have a garden over here also where we grow tomatoes, salad, watermelon, etc!

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  2. Wonderful!

    We also have a small homestead farm here in Greece, where we live entirely on our own produce. Needless to say, that with our home made, 100% natural food is my “secret” for great outdoor activities performance. 🙂

    Good luck with your own farm, and make sure you have enough of patience, cause you will need it.

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  3. From tiny seedlings come great things! I am still doing it after 30 years, and my father before me grew enough fruit and vegetables for a family of 6 in Scotland to be 99% self sufficient. You never stop learning!

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