Women in Skydiving

This week in our continuation of the Women in Climbing series, we have a VERY special guest, Jan. Jan has been skydiving and base jumping since the 70’s/80’s. She is the COOLEST.

In this interview, we discuss the diving community and how it and women’s representation in it has changed over time. See Jan base jump off of El Cap in ‘80:

Learn what it feels like to fly:

Jan and High-Clip’s interview

High-Clip (Co-writer)

19 Replies to “Women in Skydiving”

  1. The 1st Mad Dog, the Flip by Jan, the off-heading canopy opening like a wingsuit. The “like a dare in a bar.” Truth, that these were excellent dares well taken.

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      1. I’m from Texas, and it reminds me of the joke we had in Colorado ~ When you see a Ford Explorer rented by a Texan in Colorado smashed at the bottom of a 600 foot drop-off, what’s the last thing you hear when they hit play on the Black Box? “Watch THIS!”

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