We are back!

Just made it back from our Winter road trip and I am already missing every second of it. What a marvelous experience! Don’t be surprised if you start noticing a pattern in our posts from now on because there is so much to talk about from this trip! You learn so much from yourself when you are completely taken away from your comfort zone and, if you are willing to soak in the experience, personal growth comes from that process. I can now open up to you about the trip, mainly because we had not figured out all of its details and, to be honest, I think we never did. Three members of theDIHEDRAL plus two amazing friends embarked on a journey from Texas to California. Carrot, being the organized and amazing being he is, put a list together of potential camp sites and crags to camp and climb at and Kaitlin, whom you’ll soon get to meet, provided the vehicle for the adventure. This was a group of very “go with the flow” people and our motto was, -we’ll figure it out once we get there-.

Talking for myself, I should have done better research before leaving because my carefree mentality turned me into an ice cube every single night. I come form a country where it is always summer and thus I am completely ignorant of the weather changes in the US by region. Between that and a limited budget, I thought that, perhaps, a 40 degree sleeping bag would be enough? HA! (I laugh internally as I write this). Thankfully, Carrot thought ahead and brought an extra sleeping bag for us to have. Of course, T and I ended up sleeping inside of the same bag hugging tight and laughing ourselves to sleep. I felt at ease as soon as he began to snore because that meant that he was deep asleep and comfortable tucked inside of mom’s/C’s sleeping nest. We once woke up in the middle of the night (morning?) to add some extra layers to our bodies as he said while laughing “What an adventure, mami, what an adventure.” I could not have asked for a better person to share the tent with and I am extremely happy and proud to have shared this adventure with my son. Little T never stopped to amaze me during the trip, his composure, willingness to help and thirst for adventure made this experience even more interesting and bright. 

We relied on Mountain Project for many things which means that we were never short of an adventure. Without going into much detail, at some points the trip felt more like a hiking one rather than a climbing one. Finding the crags was like finding a buried treasure on an isolated mystical island: strenuous, long, and exciting. We got lost, we got found, and we climbed. We laughed, we stunk, and we fought. We cried, we smiled, and we grew. There is more to come and there are more details to be shared. If you follow us on Instagram, you already have an idea of the struggles and the fun. I am still soaking in and meditating about the experience and the moments of growth. I want to dig deeper and, once processed and internalized, share with you. From long camping trips with a little one to being a proactive member of a group, we are soon to share insights of the trip and visuals too.

I wanted to put a video together with some highlights of the trip but my computer is saturated and running out of storage (maybe with footage of the trip? 😅). Expect an update of this post by the end of the week with a surprise video for you!

Much Love,

Gaia Cowriter theDIHEDRAL

12 Replies to “We are back!”

  1. That feeling of missing the trip when you return gives me motivation to plan and look forward to the next one. I feel lucky to be in a situation such that I can go have experiences rather than just worry about day-to-day survival.

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    1. Haha I agree, I was already thinking of the next adventure towards the end of this one! Day-to-day surviving makes the experience interesting, getting to enjoy without this concern is another monster! Next time I will make sure to bring the right sleeping bag and hopefully will not have to worry about night-to-night survival haha.



  2. Sounds like a great trip! Next time you think you’re lost, remember what was attributed to Daniel Boone when asked if he’d ever been lost in the wilderness: “I can’t say as ever I was lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.”

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  3. So cool!! What a great post. 🙂 My husband and I have thought about taking our son camping with us (he is going to be 3 years old in June but thanks to his dad’s height, is the height and weight of a 4/5 year old)… when did you start taking your son camping?

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    1. He has been camping since he was 2 years old 🙂 If you feel comfortable, I say take him! Your son will love it! *let’s cross fingers*
      If you do, let me know how it goes!




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