About Us

A team of writers, artists, scholars, and professionals, who share an endearing devotion to “the outdoors”. Friends who share a warmth and predilection for mother nature and the possibilities she presents to us all. Our mutual interests in rock climbing, hiking, writing, and exploring brought us to theDIHEDRAL, and we hope you find our eccentric little “corner” of the community just as inviting as we do.

Carrot C


(Philosophy Professor, Writer, Pilgrim) I spend most of my time on the blurred line between a literal and figurative lifestyle, all-the-while allowing one to unmistakably influence the other.

Gaia R


(Mass Communication major, mother, and trail runner who dabbles in rock climbing.) I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of nature and the ability it has to captivate me. Its faculty to inspire amazes me every single time and fuels me with positivity.



(Math/Physics Student, Runner, Photographer, Climber) Family hikes, trips, and camp outs fostered my love for nature, which is where I’m most at peace. Prone to telling terrible math jokes, I find a similar beauty in describing the world with mathematics. Having an intense love for challenges, I live by the following: if it’s not difficult, why do it?

Isabela D


“(Philosophy major, videographer/photographer, hiking enthusiast). An unrelenting, starry-eyed dreamer with a passion for life that drives me to create! Writing, videography, & photography are just a few of the vehicles for my ideas.” @roaminders

Timmy W


(Trad Climber/Videographer) I’m always up for any adventure and love to camp with friends! I love to climb anything wide or high and love to trad climb. I’m 16 years old and hope to climb for the rest of my life! I also like to go backpacking and just be in nature!

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