Trial and Error

    FUCK ! I know this is probably not the way I should start a post, but that was the only word that popped into my mind while climbing the other day. It had been two months since the last time I had hit the gym and, oh boy, I could tell ! To give you a little background information, I am a single mother and a student and I am currently finding it difficult to juggle between my chores and climbing, consequently reducing my opportunities to hit the wall. Whenever I do have the chance to go to the rock climbing gym, I do so for my son. My three year old comes with me wherever I go and he has become my ultimate adventure partner. However, if I bring my son along, it’s for him to rock climb, because I clearly cannot leave him by himself while I figure out some beta.

   The opportunities I’ve had to dedicate some time to climbing have been thanks to my family members who have volunteered to watch over my son for a couple of hours. I don’t like to bother or take time away from others, therefore I am not the one to ask for favors on a regular basis. This could be considered as both a positive and a negative thing, and I agree. The former because it is important to be respectful of others’ time and the latter because it is also important to be able to ask for help. Realizing that I had some work to do with the second aspect, I have allowed myself to ask for help every once in a while. Being thankful for my family’s support (and still a little ashamed because I asked for their assistance), I take into consideration ways to ease their responsibilities by coordinating playdates with my son’s little cousins or by going to the gym during his sleep time.

   Two Saturdays ago I was able to put one of my previously mentioned strategies to work. My cousin’s soccer match was cancelled due to bad weather and, because my aunt and uncle were going to spend the day at home, they agreed to watch over my son for a couple of hours. My little one had a great day playing with his cousins and I had a great afternoon rediscovering myself as a climber. Spending two months without climbing really took a toll on me. I felt weak and I was not able to perform with the ease I used to during the summer. Finishing a 5.10 felt like carrying a rock up the wall, and not precisely like the one Carrot mentioned in his last post, because at that moment, I definitely could not see myself happy ! I must confess that I felt both frustrated and defeated; to think that not that long ago I was able to climb 5.11s crushed me a little. I was mesmerized at the effects of detraining, and at the same time, at how much I wanted to get back up after I had to ask for a take.

    Sports like rock climbing have the ability to crush you and build you back up at the same time and maybe, because I am a person who has hit many walls in the last few years, I have learned to appreciate this feeling. During my trail running years I used to get the “crazy” label pretty often. Sadly, what those people didn’t understand -probably because they had never experienced it- is how gratifying it is when you are able to you prove yourself wrong. When you think you cannot run one more mile, when you are hundred percent sure you cannot grab one more hold… You are wrong. Even though your feet burn or your hands hurt, you always find a way to gain something from the experience. I am still struggling to find balance between my responsibilities and my urge to climb, but who doesn’t ? I am sure many of you have to do the impossible/possible to make it to the wall, trail, gym, dance class, library, etc.

   I am beyond excited to embark this journey with my son. Every effort is worth it and I know that one day this will be an activity that we will be able to fully share. Every day is a trial and error for me, so I am opened for suggestions and I would LOVE to read your stories, I know that I am not alone in this world !

Gaia Co-writer theDIHEDRAL


7 Replies to “Trial and Error”

  1. I feel ya! It has been almost 3 weeks since I have been to the climbing gym but I experience the frustrations in my weight lifting too, especially if I go more than a week without lifting ;). Our bodies get used to being moved and they do not like it when that stops!

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    1. Oh I know ! I understand your frustration, if I go more than a week without doing cardio even my energy levels lower. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message, I hope that you are able to go to the rock climbing gym any time soon and I am glad that you felt comfortable enough to share a little about yourself with us ! Take care,


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  2. I feel like I’m chasing my tail when trying to do things for myself. I’m lucky that I have a supportive partner but it’s important to ask for help. I’m sure your family appreciate that with a little time to do what you need you come back refreshed and an even better role model for your kids. Keep squeezing it in xx

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    1. Thank you very much, your message put a smile on my face. I also feel like I am chasing my tail whenever I try to have some “me” time. On the other hand, I am very fortunate to have understanding family members that help me whenever they have the chance. I am also glad that you have a supportive partner, because it is important to find a balance. When we are relaxed and happy, our kids are as well !! Thank you once again and I hope to keep seeing you around !


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  3. I went to climb this morning with my daughter, who was a 5 time state all around gymnastic champion and held national ranking. She was leading and I was on a 5.8 leading up and had 3 rips along the way! How sad is that! I do top rope at a 10.d, 11.a/b range but I have to get my butt up the wall and clip better! I have a lot of work to do before the outside season starts!

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    1. Dtills you are incredible ! There is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, your daughter is clearly a great climber and an all around athlete, but you are as well ! The fact that you lead is already amazing ! I am still working on it, and can’t wait until I am ready to lead and climb even harder. I read on your blog that you run as well, some years back, before having my son, I used to run half and ultramarathons and I know how hard and physically demanding they are !!! You are the real deal, and I am so happy that you share those activities with your daughter, can’t wait to read more from you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a little about yourself with us, take care !


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      1. You are so kind! I only run half marathons, I can’t even imagine how hard an ultra is!! You rock so hard! Believe me , if you can run ultras then leading will be a piece of cake for you! Keep climbing!

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