Omega Pacific Tephra

Gear Review: Locking Carabiners

Company: Omega Pacific

Product: Tephra Trapwire Screw-Lok/Tephra Trapwire Quik-Lok/Tephra Pitch Screw-Lok/ Tephra Pitch Quik-Lok.

Whether you prefer belaying with a trapwire or not the Omega Pacific has created a great carabiner for all around use. All four of the above options come in at below average weights, and above average strength.

The narrow low profile nose on all four options stands out when compared to carabiners of similar size and weight. It makes for a seamless transition between gear loop and belay loop. The ease of unlocking the screw-lok and the quik-lok is comparable to most carabiners in their class, but when the locks are used in either trapwire option the Tephra is in a class by itself.

The design of the Tephra Trapwire is unique to Omega Pacific. The trapwire itself serves as the main spring of the carabiner, allowing for fewer moving parts, in-turn meaning lighter weight and more safety.

Over all, whether novice or experienced we would strongly recommend the Omega Pacific Tephra Carabiner. Our particular favorite is the Tephra Trapwire Quik-Lok, once locked in, this thing is bomber!

Recommendation: All Skill Levels.

Specs: 27Kn, 10Kn, 8Kn, 61grams

MSPR: $16.95 – $20.95

Web Site: omega-pacific


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