Momentum Katy (Gym Review)

Walking toward the doors at Momentum Katy, I had relaxed expectations; after all, a climbing gym is a climbing gym. Right? I thought to myself it’ll be nice to have a new gym in the Houston area, maybe evoke a sense of competition between gyms, in which the climbers reap the benefits of competitive business maneuvers. You know, maybe a sale here leads to a discount there, or a friendly comp. over there leads to a new innovation up there. Yep, I had relaxed expectations; after all, a climbing gym is a climbing gym. Right?

As I walked through the doors, that sentiment went right out the window, the gigantic window at the entryway bringing in more natural light than I have ever experienced at a gym. Momentum didn’t come to Texas to compete with other gyms. Momentum is clipping anchors while everyone else is still lacing up. Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym is more like a crag than a gym with the added bonus that the routes change, and you can’t get rained out.

The size of Momentum is prodigious, on the day I ventured to Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym, there were more people than I cared to count, and not once did I have to wait for a route to open up. The vibe is super chill; the staff are knowledgeable, and geared toward safety. Each staff member that I interacted with seemed legitimately pumped to be at “work”, they were engaging and eager to answer any questions I had. The route setters are creative and offer challenges for all levels. This group of setters is prolific and innovative; they are world class, and it would not be out of line to call them artists of the rock-wall.

While most of my time was spent leading, I did take some time to top-rope, crack-climb, boulder, and visit the training facility, with each new stop being just as impressive as the last. The training facility was my final excursion during this eight-hour visit to Momentum, and if I had an ounce of energy left I certainly would have done more than just drool at the sight of the off-width training rail, or the sloper wall, or the hundreds of other training opportunities.

As if everything Momentum Katy offers is not enough, there is also an REI co-op climb store right inside the gym. So, the next time your shoes blow out, no worries, just grab a new pair, feel a dead spot in your rope, grab a new one…harnesses, cams, helmets, and pretty much anything you could need to build a rack is now just a couple of feet from where you stand once you enter Texas’ first indoor crag.

If you were ever curious about how Charlie must have felt as he entered Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, then make your way to Momentum indoor climbing gym in Katy Texas. I haven’t tasted the holds, but the experience is just as sweet.

Carrot (Co-writer) theDIHEDRAL


5 Replies to “Momentum Katy (Gym Review)”

  1. The only time I ever went to a gym, they threw me out when I asked for a milkshake with fries.

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  2. I was just waiting for this review to pop up. I need to get back there for a good, hard day of climbing again.

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  3. I didn’t know how hard it was until I tried it. You should try it! Nice read! Check out mine too. It was my first time ever! Commenting from Kenya. Happy holidays! 🎉

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