So iLL, The Kick Climbing Shoe

Gear Review: Climbing shoes

Company: So iLL

Product: The Kick, Unisex

There is no denying that So iLL carries the most fashionable and eye catching climbing shoes that are currently out there. The most fascinating part is that behind every design, there is a story to be told. The Kick was inspired by a 1970’s soccer shoe and this one surely has a retro vibe to it. As stated on So iLL’s webpage, this shoe was designed with comfort and function in mind, incorporating a medium stiffness midsole to help maintain The Kick’s shape. I must point out that I bought these shoes online and I was a little nervous because I get somewhat “anxious” whenever I cannot try a shoe on before buying it… But hey ! Anything for teal colored climbing shoes !

I fell in love with The Kick as soon as I opened the shoe box and could not wait to put them on; however, my excitement did not last for long. The shoes were incredibly tight to the point were I could barely get my feet inside. I was disappointed because I feel that I partially jinxed myself and because I had been eagerly waiting for them. My other climbing shoes (Scarpa) are UK size 49 1/2 and the So iLL I had initially bought a size 39, as recommended on their webpage (2 sizes down from regular street shoe size). Being the impatient woman I am, I packaged them at once and exchanged them for half a size up ! No way I was going to give up on those shoes ! I received the second pair and, even though they felt better, they were still tighter than what I normally go for.

I don’t know if probably going with my regular 8 or 49 1/2 would have worked, but I honestly could not wait to climb with them  and I was not going to put up with another week of waiting. I settled with the second pair and… I still wear them ! If you are going to give The Kick a try, make sure you do so quickly because, as posted on So iLL’s webpage, there are only 35 pairs left ! Also, make sure to pay attention to the sizes and don’t let yourself get carried away by the excitement. Let’s get Kicking !

Recommendation: Beginners/Intermediate 

Specs:  Dyed leather upper, medium stiffness midsole.

MSRP: $89.00

Web Site: so_ill_logo

4 Replies to “So iLL, The Kick Climbing Shoe”

  1. I agree – those shoes are crazy tight. I tried a 37, my normal climbing shoe size, and could barely get them on. Lame! But I guess it’s true that all shoes fit differently 🙂

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  2. Nice post, i’d like to see them, can not buy them because i don’t climb at all, but because of your excitement , I get Excited too to check them out, and I surely Will.
    Thanks for the post.
    And Share your Experience with them while climbing

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