The Butterscotch

Have you ever wondered where some of the blogging awards originate?  I mean who is responsible for the Sunshine Blogger Award, or why is the background of the Mystery Blogger Award so mysterious?  Are these awards actual things; are they participation awards, do you have to earn them?

Well, the dream team is back together (you can read our 1stcollaboration HERE). Yep, it’s Krista from Allezgirl, Carrot from theDIHEDRAL, and Ryan from Zen and The Art of Climbing.  And this is what happens when you ask three climbers from three different countries to create a new Blog Award via an email thread!

Here are our guidelines:

The Award will consist of 9 questions, which the recipient of the award must answer; each of us is responsible for providing 3 questions. The Award itself will be a picture composed of 9 contributions that represent life in the outdoors, in nature, and on the rock!  Each of us is responsible for providing 3 contributions to the final award picture.

And that is pretty much it.

So, without further ado…the makings of The Butterscotch Outdoor Award for Things! AKA The B.O.A.T.  AKA The Butterscotch Award.

Carrot’s Award Contribution #1: A mountain scape background.  I mean we all happen to be rock climbers who spend an inordinate amount of time in the mountains.  Clichéd? Yes!  But is it kind of required for such an award?  Probably not!  But is it awesome?  For a Google stock photo it is AWESOME!

Carrot’s Recipient Question #1: If you could get Mountain House (freeze dried food company) to turn any one dinner into a packaged freeze dried meal in which you could “Savor the adventure” on the trail, which would it be?

Ryan’s Award Contribution #1: A Carrot.  This is a nod to two things. The first is an homage to the patron saint of The Butterscotch Award, none other than theDIHEDRAL’s very own Carrot. The second is a reference to the humble Australian carrot bolt, the ubiquitous, hanger-less, trouser-filling, hex-headed machine bolt. For those who might be unfamiliar with the joys of the carrot, you can read a piece I wrote about it here:

Ryan’s Recipient Question #1: Following the example of Bryden Allen (the inventor of the carrot bolt), you decide to create an innovative new form of protection using only the equipment in your Dad’s tool shed. What do you use?

That’s awesome! Great article by the way. I’ve seen the carrot bolt before and the nut placement, but didn’t think it was all that common. Cool!     -Krista

Krista’s Award Contribution #1: A tent (generic yes, but I think it’s the best place in the world because it could BE anywhere in the world).

Krista’s Recipient Question #1: What moment (intentional or not) during any of your adventures would put you in the running for a Darwin Award?

This award is really coming together…Mountains, carrots, and tents, where do I sign up? -Carrot

For my second contribution to the award and award questions I really wanted to focus on togetherness.

Carrot’s Award Contribution #2: A Minotaur (Is there a better representation of people coming together with nature? I think not.)

Carrot’s Recipient Question #2: What food comes to mind when you think of Australia? Canada? The United States?

Sorry I have taken so long to reply… been too busy getting after some Mexican limestone! -Ryan

Which brings me to my next contribution, which is all about rocks.

Ryan’s Award Contribution #2: A geologist’s hammer, which pays homage to our favourite climbing medium, hopefully without any communist connotations (no sickles to be added to the logo please…)

Ryan’s Recipient Question #2: What is the best type of rock to climb and why? Wrong answers only.

This is coming along well! -Krista

Krista’s Award Contribution #2: Beer, because all climbing days should end with one.

Krista’s Recipient Question #2: How would you explain “van living by choice” without sounding like a hippy?

I love writing with you guys, your ideas are perfect! -Carrot

Carrot’s Award Contribution #3: I’m torn between climbing tape (the ultimate fix-all, from self made stick-clips to repairing glasses, flappers, tents, etc..) and friends, but ultimately I gotta go with friends. Climbing is great; it’s better with pals.

Carrot’s Recipient Question #3: You’re going on a hike with three other people alive or dead, who are they?

Side note…the award somehow looks both way better and way worse than I thought would…I can’t wait until it’s finished to hear your reactions! -Carrot

Awesome contribution, Carrot. I like it because “friends” also has a trad climbing connotation, so it’s a sort of climbing double entendre. -Ryan

Anyway, lucky last entry:

Ryan’s Award Contribution #3: Climbing is many things to many people. For some, it’s about the sheer difficulty of a single move. For others, it’s about long days moving over varied terrain, about the adventure of uncovering the unknown. For still others, it’s about getting out and seeing nature in all its glory. Of course, there are many more reasons to climb, but I think it’s really easy to sum up all three of these ideas at least in one image – The Sasquatch. He (or she) is mysterious, wild, and is really difficult to find.

Ryan’s Recipient Question #3: Name the best piece of crag booty you’ve ever scored?

Note From Carrot: Somehow our email thread was broken and Krista and Ryan became blind to the other’s contributions.  So, the unveiling of The Butterscotch is not only going to be a new reveal to you, it’s a new reveal to all of us!  So much excitement I know!

Krista’s Award Contribution #3: A Subaru Outback. Because nothing marks a climbing destination quite like a parking lot full of Subarus.

Krista’s Recipient Question #3Where do you see yourself in 10 years in terms of climbing endeavours/abilities?

That my friends is the making of an award, that’s the Butterscotch Award.  It’s kind of an actual thing, in the same way the bitcoin is an actual thing, it’s kind of a participation award, and you sort of have to earn it.

If you would like to be nominated, just ask, and you too can be part of the movement, part of The Butterscotch revolution!

Viva la butterscotch!!!

Thanks for reading…

The Butterscotch Outdoor Award for Things nomination page can be found HERE!


Krista, Carrot, Ryan

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