Challenging theDIHEDRAL

This week calls for our monthly group post and this time around we have decided to do something different!

We have recently started to acknowledge Instagram’s existence even more in order to engage and actively interact with the community. Therefore, for this week I have challenged the crew to get outside of their comfort zone by doing a full Instagram Takeover week! The idea stemmed from my awful eating habits and my need to feel forced to change this pattern. In addition to the latter, our willingness to be more present with theDIHEDRAL community through social media has also formed a very important part of the equation. HINT: Some members of the group consider Instagram intimidating (okay, that’s me), so your support will mean everything in order to be able to pull this off successfully!

The Insta takeover will consist of a full week of theDIHEDRAL crew sharing insta stories that will revolve around a particular and personal matter. The idea is to set something that is challenging for us and that we probably wouldn’t address if we didn’t feel the pressure to do so. Knowing that you guys will be watching (hopefully!) will motivate us to finally tackle these matters.

•Starting next Monday, the week will unfold as follows:

Monday, 08/06: Gaia

Let’s put something out there..I am a vegetarian, but my diet sucks! Now that I have been able to get this off my chest, I feel a little more comfortable. Every time I tell someone that I am a vegetarian, they immediately make comments on how healthy I must be and how mineral and vitamin rich life I must have, they wish they could be a little more like me… Right! Let me put something else out there: I probably eat the same way that you do with the difference that I don’t eat meat. I feel so embarrassed with myself knowing that I could have a healthier diet and live up to the vegetarian label (yes people, I have succumbed to society’s label imposition*embarrassed emoji*)

This week I will do my best to eat more greens, more balanced, and leave the oh so delicious sweets and pizza behind. Do not get me wrong! I have healthy tendencies in between my days, but I would like my diet to become a more conscious and steady one and this day, you will come with me and guide me through the process! Maybe you will help me choose what to eat?

See you there! (pretty please!)

Tuesday, 08/07: Carrot

Would you like to know what I had for breakfast today?  Probably not, but I am going to let you know anyway…I had oatmeal.  It doesn’t matter what date you are reading this post, because the answer is always oatmeal.

Would you like to know what I had for lunch today?  Probably not, but I am going to let you know anyway…I had a banana, a yogurt, and a Clif Bar.  It doesn’t matter what date you are reading this post, because the answer is always a banana, a yogurt, and a Clif Bar.

Would you like to know what I had for dinner today?  Probably not, but I am going to let you know anyway…I had frozen grains and vegetables and frozen veggie burger.  It doesn’t matter what date you are reading this post, because the answer is always frozen grains and vegetables and frozen veggie burger.

It’s not that I eat unhealthy, it’s that there is no diversity in my diet, and everything I eat is a matter of convenience.  If it can’t be prepared in 5 minutes or less, then I am probably not going to eat it. I come from a long line of bakers and cooks, my Grandma was a professional baker from Belgium.  When I was younger I spent hours in the kitchen helping her bake, and prepare food, the aromas were supernatural, but more importantly the time we shared bonding together was invaluable (it was basically the cooking equivalent of giving your little brother a broken game controller, only with better smells, and licking a spatula tastes better than licking a controller).

For these reasons I decided that my one day challenge with be to make three meals from scratch.  I want to fill my kitchen with the scent of memories that would make my grandma proud. I hope you’ll join me in my one day challenge to see what kind of mess I can get myself into.

Wednesday, 08/08: Sarah

This week I was asked to write about a current struggle of mine and how I feel I can overcome it. For me this seemed like something I couldn’t write about, simply because it seemed to me like I wasn’t struggling with anything. However I was wrong, over the past couple of weeks I seem to be struggling with juggling my days. I commit myself to way too many activities and responsibilities for one day. From work, to the gym, to my home life I just couldn’t make it all work and make everyone happy.

I could simply give up time let’s say at the gym, instead of going every evening after a 12 hour work day I could skip a few days. But how would that make me feel about myself? Would I start to feel down because I couldn’t get Crossfit in every night? That’s a strong possibility. Crossfit has become an important aspect of my life and it has really boosted my social confidence. And I cannot work less than I already am, it’s long hours of shift work and loads of overtime due to under staffing. Most importantly I cannot forget my family, I try so often to see my nearest family members but let’s not forget I have a seven year old and paramedic wife at home.

So over the next few weeks I am going to give up on devoting myself to things I know I can’t make. Spend more time with my little one and a little less time with my hands on the barbell. Hopefully soon things settle down for me and I am able to get back into the groove I created for myself.

Thursday, 08/09: Follow-up  Pepper

Pepper takes over. Pepper sleeps, she just wants to sleep!

Gaia, Carrot, and Sarah will do a brief follow-up on their challenges.

Friday, 08/10: Casen

After running my 8 mile Spartan Race I decided to take a one week break and start running again.

Aaaaand It’s been about two months and I still haven’t gone on a single run… When I run my whole lifestyle changes. I start eating healthier because I don’t want to barf on my run. I go to sleep earlier and get up earlier in order to have enough time to get my run in. I am the person I want to be when I am running!

The fact is, I’m more in tune with myself and nature when I run. I get a feeling of pure bliss when I’m running under a golden sunrise, the wind on my face chapping my smiling lips.

The fact is I’m just being lazy! I know I have the time, but I choose to sleep in or watch more TV before I go to bed. So that’s why I’ve decided for my one day challenge I’m going to do a day of hard cardio! I’m going to get up for a sunrise run, do legs/conditioning at the gym on my lunch break, and rock climb in the evening! Maybe I’ll even try to speed climb…

Hope you’ll come follow along!

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-Gaia wrote this.. In case you were wondering who was “I” 😅

-If you follow us, send us a DM to know it’s you!

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  1. You can do Instagram from your browser on a computer. I use Chrome and there is an extension for it. It is a PITA to use but I don’t do a lot on my phone so it is also very useful.

    Desktop for Instagram – Chrome Web Store – Google

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