Takeover Follow-Up

Friday, 08/10, marked the day our first week of instagram takeover came to an end. Therefore, we wanted to post a written follow-up of how we did the rest of the days with our respective challenges! Do not fret! If you didn’t get a chance to follow our journey this week, you can still do so! We have created a Highlight for it and it is on our Instagram profile 🙂


Hello there! My personal challenge was to eat healthy during the week and I have to be honest with you… I failed miserably! I did great on Monday (my assigned day to takeover) but the rest of the week I succumbed to my anxiety and ate sweets like the mad sweet lover that I am. I have been dealing with some personal issues lately that have driven me sweet crazy. I had Ice-cream for breakfast and dinner on two separate days so you can imagine how I did the rest of the week… I am aware that I need to take control over myself and do not let stress guide my eating patterns, especially if I want to be healthy and set a healthy pattern for my son.. Let’s start all over?


My challenge was to overcome my diet of convenience and make three meals from scratch.  I’d count this challenge as a success, I made three delicious meals from scratch.

Dutch Baby

Quinoa Salad (I added fresh lime juice to top it off)

Israeli Couscous and Cheese (I added green chilies)

All three recipes were phenomenal, but I don’t think I’ll stick to this type of diet.  The reason being; I think cooking is more about community than it is about food. The whole time I was cooking I was looking at how long it was taking, I can see how the process could be meditative, but I’d prefer the sound of waves crashing in front of a sunset while eating a PB&J over the smell of nostalgia and the taste of delight!  Cooking for yourself and by yourself provides a delicious meal. In the past cooking with family and for family provided so much more. It turns out that my favorite part of this challenge was driving to Gaia’s house at 9PM just so I could share my leftovers…so for the next challenge (if there is one) I think I’ll make it more about sharing and less about me!  BUUUUUUUUT there are a few desserts I really want to try!

Until next time, thanks for your support!  (If you cook, please let me know why, is it for the food, the fellowship, the escape, or something else?)


Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. Sleep, treats, ditch, I had to take a shower and woof, woof.


My takeover was challenging myself to jumpstart my cardio routine! Friday I ran a mile in the morning, rock climbed during the day, and ran a mile in the evening.

One of the most interesting parts about the takeover was the poll I took to see who liked doing cardio and who didn’t. 67% of people said they HATED cardio! That was interesting to me because I love to run. But then I realized, I probably would’ve said the same thing before I actually started running.

So here is my advice to those who hate cardio. DO MORE CARDIO. It’s good for you to do things you don’t like. It makes you stronger. Do what you don’t want to do, because of who you want to be. I’m trying to create a habit of that in my life. So thanks for joining me!

Thank you for joining us and make sure to follow us on instagram for a future challenge that will involve you too! Will you be up for it? 🤔Woohoo

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 6.01.51 PM
theDIHEDRAL team

4 Replies to “Takeover Follow-Up”

  1. Personally, Casen, I don’t understand “hating” cardio, but then I recently managed to injure myself on my Airdyne. It doesn’t seem fair that rehabbing from a hip replacement resulting from a lifetime of trail running and joint destruction would lead me to THAT but there it is. Maybe it’s all about balance, still, a long cardio workout helps me think and improves my mood.

    As for food, Carrot, I don’t know. For some of my friends cooking and eating are very social. For me it’s not (obviously since I live alone). I think healthful, convenience eating is sane, but I cook dinners for myself.

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  2. Carrot, I live alone and love to cook for myself (I’ve even recently started blogging about it). Until a few years ago I was mostly a convenience eater when I was alone, and when I first started cooking proper meals for myself it was definitely about the food. But as I started doing it more and became a better cook, it also turned into a sort of hobby. I find it relaxing, like to experiment and try new things, and as a solo diner I think it’s an interesting puzzle to use up all my fresh ingredients before they go bad. Maybe this is similar to Casen’s theory about cardio: that you just have to do more of it before you know whether it’s a thing you like. Just a thought 🙂

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    1. That is motivational I’m going to have to try a little harder. Pleas let me know if you have any good vegetarian recipes, I’d love to try one of your recipes!!!


  3. Native:
    My challenge is to conquer a medical issue of a side effect of a medicine. Didnt see anything on the sides of that medicine bottle, however it has spurred me to a meal plan higher than I have known…more water, juices, grains, dark veggies, fish, chicken , less sugar, and drinking vinegar/water mixture to detox…oh yes, loving it.

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