hoza 51 CRUX (Gym Review)

Crux Boulder- Warsaw, Poland

Photo Credit: Szymon Aksienionek (CruxOPEN Comp)

Hidden away down a cheery alley is a loft containing a boulder gym/café duo called Crux Boulder. Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re worried about your weak to non-existent Polish, fret not; every staff member can communicate in English. Passes are cheap (by most gym standards) and the café menu is extensive and constantly changing.

If you had to travel lightly, don’t worry—you can rent shoes, and, wait for it…

Chalk is free! All around the gym there are huge bags of chalk tied to support beams (with the corresponding chalk brushes nearby) for EVERYONE. Having said that, the chalk is hard and slimy, so many people still bring their own chalk bags. But, hey, what’s better than free chalk?

The gym is divided into two parts, with men’s and women’s locker rooms dividing them (yes, there are free lockers, go team Crux!). Disclaimer: the locker rooms aren’t labeled in English, so don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure your translator is handy (unless, of course, you speak Polish… then just make sure you can read). The smaller boulder area has your average wall shapes, and the larger boulder area will blow your mind with incredibly long overhangs (bye bye forearms), multiple slab walls, two huge systems boards, and curved arches.


On to the routes! Each color-coded route has a tape label for the start (even the feet!), finish, and grade. While the holds may be rather greasy (as much as any downtown gym), the movements are phenomenal! Whichever grade you project, you are bound to be confused… is it a bump? A cross? Mantle? Is there actually a use for a figure four?? What is rock climbing? You will be asking yourself these questions as you project these incredibly unique routes. As anyone who has climbed for a while can attest to, routes start to blend together as each new set begins to feel less and less new over time. Therefore, unique routes like those set at Crux are IMMENSELY valuable.


Crux Boulder is a creative, cozy, and crazy gym/café, and is a MUST if you are in Warsaw… you won’t forget it.

High-Clip (Co-writer)
  1. Cover Image: Piotr Smaroń


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