I Would

Sometimes, less is more. This week I’m switching it up because 10 pages of writing could not emphasize this subject enough, but maybe a poem will. I hope you are all able to take away something valuable.

I Would

If my bike had tires

I wouldn’t know the flow of time,

my rims would burn like fires

burning as though they’re part of pyres,

as though I were escaping crime,

if my bike had tires.

Who is he who retires?

Not I, no, not in my prime;

my rims would burn like fires

by blazing down hills, defying decriers

trying to fill me with grime…

if my bike had tires

there’d be no time for quagmires

no reason to stop on a dime;

my rims would burn like fires

focused like a series of wires,

speeding all of the way to Anaheim,

if! My bike had tires;

my rims could have burned like fires.

High-Clip (Contributor)

8 Replies to “I Would”

  1. Very creative. I enjoyed the flow and the rhyming words. Definitely keep up the good work!

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  2. Fun poem! It flows well, has a good cadence, “my rims would burn like fires” offers strong imagery.

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    1. It’s a little sad to think about, but it’s also kind of scary. I think that kind of fear helps to motivate, and that was my intention.


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