Get Your ‘Bear’ Butt in a Hammock (Gear Review)

So to start off, If you don’t know much about the hammocks, they are these super portable hammocks that fit into a little pouch about the size of a football. You fasten them to trees using two straps that come in another little pouch. The portability totally blows my mind. I still can’t believe these giant hammocks fit in the little bags!

If you’re aware of this portable hammock craze that is sweeping the world, then you’re probably aware of the brand ENO. They are the main brand that all the buyers seem to flock to. You’ve probably seen them on display at REI!

Before you hit that button to buy their $75 2-person hammock, check out the Bear Butt brand first. Besides having a hilarious name, the Bear Butt hammocks are far cheaper and just as high quality as their ENO counterparts. You can get yours on amazon for only $25!

I have owned both an ENO and a Bear Butt and I can honestly say that there is really no difference between the two. After my ENO was stolen out of my car (Thief if you’re reading this I hope it breaks under the weight of your sins) I was looking for a more cost efficient alternative. I was truly happy with the bear butt’s comfort and style. They are just as portable as the ENO and the colors are basically the same style.

I currently use the BB to relax and sleep in, and I love it. The double nest can definitely fit two people just sitting, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to sleep two in it. Unless you like getting REALLY up close and personal that is.

When comparing the BB and the ENO at the $25 to $75 price point it’s really a no brainer. The only real difference between those two are the differing straps. BB gives the buyer the option to go with the prefabricated straps (which are easier to use) or simply use nylon cord and carabiners. ENO only sells the prefabricated ones. You can add the prefabbed ones to your Bear Butt order for $25, which still beats the $75 ENO pricepoint.

To be completely honest, I don’t have a hard time using the nylon, and it’s more than enough to tie up a hammock at any length.

Anyway, if you’ve tried either brand let me know! Do you think you’ll buy one?

Thanks for reading!

Casen (Co-writer)

3 Replies to “Get Your ‘Bear’ Butt in a Hammock (Gear Review)”

    1. That is so interesting how a skip across the pond can have such a drastic shift in cost between such similar items. Thanks for the heads up Heike!


  1. So glad I read this! I’ve been considering buying one since last year. Now I know I have options (love amazon). Also, pretty funny line “…weight of your sins.” lol

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