Chalk Cartel Chalk

Gear Review: Chalk

Company: Chalk Cartel

Product: The Quarter

You don’t hear every day that your friend is proud to be a part of the cartel, but when it comes to Chalk Cartel, we’re all proud to be a part of the cartel. I mean, when it comes to that powder we all love so dearly, you want the best product. Thus, the Chalk Cartel has got your back.

Being a huge fan of the hit TV show Breaking Bad, after learning that Chalk Cartel is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I knew that these guys had to be pushing only the highest quality product—and they are. Of course, samples are always better when they are free (Chalk Cartel did come through on my Christmas list from our earlier post, A Climber’s Christmas II), but this chalk is certainly high-grade. Similar to Walter White’s, Chalk Cartel’s product is made from very pure materials with no additives.

Chalk is certainly a matter of preference. Personally, I love chalk with big chunks. Other people love very fine chalk, and others chalk balls. The grind is what makes the Cartel’s chalk different. It is (consistently) a mix of finely ground chalk and chalk chunks. Initially disappointed that there was no option for super chunky chalk, I came to really like the Cartel grind. While I’m grinding away at the gym or the crag, this chalk gets the job done. It has enough chunks so that when I’m terrified on a lead climb I have something to occupy my mind, but small enough powder so that when I have about a microsecond to chalk up before my lock off on a crimp isn’t a rest anymore, I can quickly have my fingers perfectly chalky. Not a chalk ball fan myself, I can’t truly comment on the quality of the ball, but it’s simply the grind in a ball form (Carrot can comment on this).

In case you aren’t sold yet, the bag is made of recycled materials and is recyclable itself (go Earth!). It’s sold by the kilo and when you get yours, made especially for you by the Cartel, you’ll feel like you’re best friends with Jesse Pinkman. And if you’re not satisfied, you’d better call Saul!


  1. We do not support drug cartels. We just like chalk from Chalk Cartel.
  2. We are also not advertisers for crystal meth or any other drug, but Breaking Bad is a great show.

Recommendation: All Skill Levels

Specs: MgCo3; 0.25kg

MSRP: $15.95

Website: cc-logos-approved-variations-primary

3 Replies to “Chalk Cartel Chalk”

  1. I always climb with a chalk ball in my chalk bag, and until I tried Chalk Cartel, I would just use a mixture of the cheapest chalk I could find and floor chalk. The Chalk Cartel Chalk Ball changed everything, it’s a little bit larger than the typical ball, and that took me a second to get used to, but now I love it. The refill access is large enough to avoid using some kind of dirtbag funnel system to refill the ball, and of course having “the grind” inside makes a huge difference. This chalk really is everything High-Clip describes above. If you’re wondering if you should try the Chalk Cartel chalk ball, I would most definitely recommend!



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