Taking Steps

     Today marks a new day for theDIHEDRAL. The same way we cut our hair or dye it to explore and innovate, we have done the same with our page! New things are coming and we cannot wait to continue sharing them with you as the projects evolve. When we started the blog, we had a vision that has positively exceeded our expectations. Today we would like to introduce our new logo, webpage design, and first sponsored athlete!

     We would also like to thank you for holding our hands along the way, for being supportive and for putting up with our “art attacks” and existential crises. Let’s take steps towards growth and embark on this journey together. We will continue to develop the page and projects, informing you along the way- You are part of them!

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated 🙂





26 Replies to “Taking Steps”

    1. I actually would love to see that seal of approval pressed into a piece of wax on an unnecessary document filled with meaningless information!

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  1. But who is the sponsored athlete?
    Toned and mean, role model, muse and adventurous rascal. Or writer and legal wilderness philosopher and executive thinker. Or youth and creativity club and cultural breakout mascot. I am dizzy waiting.


  2. Love the new logo and I can’t wait to see all these new wonderful things you do with your blog!!

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  3. Whoever made this knows how to do serious branding. I love it! The colors are very refreshing – much like what you guys are to most, if not all, of us!

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    1. Hi Gary, so happy that you like the logo. A dihedral is where two walls come together, in other words, it’s the inside corner of two walls. We like to think of this place as a nice little corner of the universe where different people can come together. Thank you so much for asking!

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