A Trip To TX

Having traveled throughout the US and abroad over the years, I’ve seen a diverse cross-section of humanity. Though I’ve been to Hueco Tanks on numerous occasions and even own a piece of land in the area, I had never been to Houston, Texas before my trip there in February. Prior to this trip, I imagined seeing women with “big hair”, high heeled shoes, fancy dresses and tons of make-up along with men driving around in large four-wheeled trucks with a gun rack in the back window.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some of the most genuine, friendly, and appreciative people with a strong sense of community values regardless of race, religion, or financial status.

I had heard that the food in Houston was good, but I was expecting it to be on the fatty side of good. Instead, I enjoyed some delicious meals that were plenty healthy and filled with fresh ingredients. It helps to have an in with some like-minded locals. One of the best meals had happened to be at one of the Inspire Rock climbing gyms. The owner, Paul explained his motivation to offer great food so he hired a professional chef to create meals that are so good that people who live and work in the area come in regularly to enjoy a meal while watching climbers on the various walls that can be seen directly from their dining tables.

The best part of this trip had to do with meeting some great people, which makes me proud to be a part of this International tribe of climbers. No matter where I go in the world, climbers seem to share common values with regard to our shared sense of community. I met a variety of people of all ages from 7 year-old Hope and her parents, to one of Houston’s pioneering climbers in his 80’s who appeared to enjoy climbing as much as ever. Everyone I met was psyched to climb no matter what their age, experience, or ability.

Some of the most enriching experiences occurred while coaching and climbing with the people who came to my clinics. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn and I certainly learned as much as anyone. I became more aware of what points people could understand, how to simplify what I was communicating and how to customize my feedback to each person.

I never felt so appreciated than during my presentation at Lone Star College. The audience was expressive, letting me know their reactions by clapping, laughing and at the end, they all stood up to give me a standing ovation, which was truly touching.

Perhaps the enthusiasm they expressed had something to do with the infectious passion of Tim Cowan, who is a professor of Philosophy and head of the outdoor program at the college. Both the students and outdoor community are lucky to have such a kind, compassionate, and giving person to influence their lives in such a profound way. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to share some special moments with all who contributed to this experience. I wish you all many more fun and exciting adventures both on and off the rock!



IMG_0423 copy
Lynn Hill (Polymath)

Editors Note: For details on Lynn Hill’s speaking/coaching availability please visit her at lynnhillclimbing.com 

7 Replies to “A Trip To TX”

  1. So glad you enjoyed your visit. Houston is too crowded for me, but definitely full of friendly people, good food and an international community. You might want to look up Mallory Brooks in Austin at Spectrum Trail Racing. I’m pretty sure she’s into climbing as well and she and her husband are amazing people. This post has me wanting to give indoor climbing a try!

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  2. Half of Houston seems to drive their big pickups pulling trailers, their RVs or their 5th wheels past my house every summer on their way up to the area around Lake City in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. It’s slightly surreal that a good number of shopkeepers up there greet people with, “How’re y’all.” 🙂

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  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed Houston! I moved here from Chicago two years ago and can’t imagine leaving. Houston is full of life, cultural, wonderfully warm (weather and people), and open-minded. The food is fantastic and there’s a cuisine for everyone (most diverse city in the US and that’s reflected in the food!). There’s only one thing we’re missing: mountains! We get our altitude fixes in West Texas (Guadelupe NP) and Arkansas (another place that defies stereotypes if you haven’t checked it out), but there’s plenty of other outdoor fun to be had in the flatlands.

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