Scarpa Gecko

Gear Review: Approach Shoe

Company: Scarpa

Product: Gecko

Imagine this: your virgin hands haven’t touched real rock and you’re desperate for some attention as you sit watching the gym kids flashing V9 without a sweat. You think internally on how you can gain respect from these young whippersnappers. You will never be able to out climb them, so you scheme on how you could be better than them. You think to yourself that an outdoor trip to Mexico would really show your prowess to these juveniles who call themselves “rock climbers.”

Fast forward 1 month, and you find yourself on the erect limestone walls of El Potrero Chico: the free solo child’s play for Alex Honnlove (1). You’re making the approach to your first climb which so happens to be up a scree field (2). You think to yourself that the ascent of such a scree field will be a piece of cake as you’re an “experienced” rock climber. You start the ascent with nothing better than flops on your feet. “SHIT!” echoes off the canyon walls as you fumble up the descending scree escalator. If only there was a shoe that made hiking up a scree field like running up a 5.7…turns out, such a shoe exists.

I present to you the Scarpa Gecko Approach shoe, the answer to your scree tumbling question. This multifaceted approach shoe is an excellent option for both the hike in and some light climbing. The overall fit of the shoe is that of a narrower foot which means it will cut down on all that extra baggage in both your shoe and life. Constructed primarily from leather, the lifespan of this shoe will surely outlast that of your current significant other. The sole is a medium stiff sole which makes it great for when you have to make a second trip back to the car because you left your chalk bag behind. Another great feature of the shoe is your ability to quickly lace it up so you can make a hasty retreat to a different wall when a pack of gumbies try their luck at free soloing.

The Scarpa Gecko is a great option for a cocaine motivated weekend warrior who is flush with cash and isn’t afraid to show it. Let’s be honest, your days of living out of your van and taking shits in a plastic tube (3) are pretty much over. You have money now and buying a proper pair of approach shoes should be at the top of your priority list. Now this is a message to my mom because she is probably the only person that has read this far. Yes mom, I am still living in a Saturn (4) and no, I won’t be coming home for Christmas.

Recommendation: All skill levels

Specs: 380g, 1.8mm suede & polyester mesh, primary material of leather

MSPR: $175.00



1.) “Alex Honnlove”


2.) “Scree Field”


3.) “Poop tube”


4.) “Living in a Saturn”


Adam Zientek (Sponsored Athlete)

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