Morgan Young Kilter Hold Series

As a route setter I understand the struggles of route setting. Additionally, as a Broken Setter (a member of @thebrokensetters where everything is jenky, namely holds…yes, I’m looking at you 30-year-old shattered holds), I know a good hold when I see one, and I’ll never let go (pun intended).

So when I say Morgan Young’s signature Kilter holds are the best holds I’ve ever worked with, just know that they are FOR REAL. These bad boys are pure screw-ons, so toss your T-wrench (safely) aside and whip out your T-25 drill bit. Designed as holds for volumes, the Young holds have very specific and exact features to them, making them an absolute delight to set with (and climb on). Most holds tend to be pretty uniform, or with very defined features in certain spots. Unlike your average hold, Young’s are asymmetric, sloping at differing angles, and add interest to any feature. As screw-ons, they can be used anywhere and in any position. The beauty of this is that these holds can be anything from (basically) jugs to hardly a pancake foot (meanwhile, the texture is bomber). This versatility is so convenient as a route setter; when you’re forunning and the route is too rough, instead of having someone toss you a jug, which messes up the flow and theme of your route, you just take your drill and adjust the position of Young’s screw on. Easy peasy!

As a climber, you tend to get pretty used to holds. You know this side of the dish is better, that half moon is more in-cut, there’s a ridge to crimp on this side of that sloper, etc. With Young’s holds, you’re constantly guessing. I’m still finding new angles and features on each one. Every time I grab it, I use a different area on the hold. Thanks to Kilter, forget gym monotony!

Whether your a setter, gym climber, woodie-owner, or anyone else seeking intrigue, Morgan Young’s hold series from Kilter is right for you! OWN your next route, and do it your way!

Recommendation: Anyone who can safely use a drill

Specs: fine texture, screw-ons, advanced-open or intermediate difficulty

MSRP: $93.50 (set contains 4 unique holds)

Website: kilter.png


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