A New Climbing Magazine?

Sometimes I wonder what theDIHEDRAL would look like if we created content for an alternative platform.  What if we had met in a different time, a different generation?  Would we be keen to host a radio show in the 1940’s? Could the 60’s see us with our own comic book?  Maybe a punk-“rock” style zine in the 1980’s?  If we go back far enough would we be brain storming next weeks hieroglyphs?

Perhaps one day I’ll fire off some what-if mock-ups for these hypotheticals1, but for now I’m exploring the idea…What if theDIHEDRAL was a rag?  What if we gave up the e-life and went to print?  What would theDIHEDRAL Magazine look like, and what stories would we cover?2

Here are six imagined possibilities crafted for the diverse tastes of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.







What do you think?  Do any of these look like a winner?

Carrot (Co-writer)

  1. If you want to create a comic strip with me send a message. I have no illustration ability, and I’m generally terrible at drawing. If you don’t send me a message, I’ll make one myself, and no one wants that!!!
  2. If any of these cover stories appeal to you let us know and we can spin it into an actual article.

For more from Carrot and theDIHEDRAL team check out theDIHEDRAL Podcast, new episodes monthly!  Click HERE

14 Replies to “A New Climbing Magazine?”

    1. I should have made a magazine “Fugging Snazzy”! Not sure what the content would have been, but with a name like that, anything would work!

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  1. Hi, I illustrate and paint… plants, cats, whatnot. I’m curious re: the cartoon idea. jeankriuegerfineart.com on WordPress. You follow me. Send me some copy and let me cartoon it? Just to see what you have in mind. all the best, jean

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  2. I could actually see these working. Maybe not the earth or dog ones, but the teen climber and the food ones have market potential. But, I have to admit I’m also curious about the hieroglyphs. 🙂 Maybe you guys could invade the world of memes!

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  3. These covers are all great! I especially like The Dihedral Home and Garden: House plants; is this what we’ve come to? I remember the first OUTSIDE magazine I saw/bought. It was 1979. I used to love that ‘rag’ but it’s gotten kind of product-oriented for my taste now. I guess, for me, the best nature magazine is already published and in three dimensions. 😉 (Probably I’m just old. 😀 )

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