Planet Rock (Madison Heights)

Planet Rock Madison Heights is somewhat unassuming from the exterior, but as you walk in, this oyster reveals its pearl.  With a large check-in desk, and a bountiful pro-shop calling you to explore an expansive collection of climbing gear, the staff is right there to assist your climbing needs.  Checking in is a test of patience as you can hear the gym calling from directly behind you.  Make no mistake about it; your patience is rewarded with a beautiful display of colorful walls up to 50’ high, a diverse bouldering wall, a dedicated ice-climbing zone, a state of the art training area (moon board included), and an upper section reserved for auto-belays.

The height of the walls and the layout of the gym itself offers both climber and belayer enough options to warm-up, push hard, and cool down without feeling rushed or crowded.  The routes offer unique challenges, with a good variety of styles.  The route setters clearly know what they’re doing; they set with creativity, diversity, and maintain that element of fun.

The bouldering section at Planet Rock Madison Heights is where this gym really stands out.  With some good overhangs/caves/vertical/and a touch of slab the route-setters really let their creative juices flow.  From the sit-starts to the top-outs, finger pockets to heel hooks, this gym has their boulder game on lockdown.  The lead and top-rope routes are everything you could want from over-hangs and dihedrals (we see you Planet Rock), to slab and aretes, there is a medley of variance from one route to the next.

Michigan is home to one of the biggest ice climbing festivals in the world (Michigan Ice Fest – Click Here) and Planet Rock Madison Heights has all your ice climbing needs covered.  The dedicated Ice and Crack zone give this bivalve mollusk its unique muscle.  And speaking of muscle, if you’ve never thrown an ice tool into a wall, you are in for a surprise!!!

From beginner to pro, Planet Rock Madison Heights has you covered, so if you are ever in the area, rocket on over and enjoy some of the great features of this otherworldly neighborhood climbing gym.


Carrot (Co-writer)

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4 Replies to “Planet Rock (Madison Heights)”

  1. Looks friggin’ awesome. You cats are awesome. Spiderpeople is what you are. Tell you what, I get to come back in the next life, I’m fugging climbing. Until then, awe and admiration.

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    1. Peter, you are an amazing hype man!!! Thank you for the boost in self-confidence! Gotta find a way to get you on the wall, whether it’s this life or the next!

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