15 Seconds

As you may have heard we’ve recently expanded our media footprint to the world of podcasting.  theDIHEDRAL Podcast has the same intent as our web-site.  We host a laid back show and try to bring in some interesting guests to talk about climbing, hiking, sustainability, and all things outdoors.  We’ve found some early success and hope to continue that momentum. It’s been recommended that we build in time slots for sponsorships/ads. As of yet we have not found a partner, and that leaves us with the opportunity to promote ourselves.  For this week’s post I (Carrot) requested that each member of theDIHEDRAL write and record a fifteen second intro to play prior to our upcoming podcasts. But the best part is… we’re letting you decide which spot to run!  

Let us know in the comments who has the best “15 seconds”, the person with the most comments/votes wins (meaning that intro is going to start the show).


HIIIIIIIII GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYSSSSS!!!  CARRROT HERE! If you like listening to stories about climbing, then maybe you’ll like reading some stories about climbing too.  You can satisfy all your climbing related desires at theDIHEDRAL.com. You can also find us on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!  NOW BRING THAT BASS!


If you enjoy listening to adventure stories, then you should visit theDIHEDRAL.com! You will find stories from other members of the community and read about climbing, life, and the outdoors! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s connect and… Climb on!


What’s the difference between a climber and a savings bond?

A savings bond eventually matures and makes money.

What’s the difference between a climbing guide and a large pizza?

A large pizza can feed a family of four.

What’s the difference between theDIHDERAL and your favorite climbing site?


DIHEDRAL or die!


Hey guys! It’s Casen here, ‘The Dihedral’ of a rock surface is where two planes of rock come together to create a totally unique rock feature. We’ve been writing articles on thedihedral.com for over three years now, and we hope we’ve made it into a place where PEOPLE can come together and make new things! If you enjoy the podcast, you should go check it out! Thanks for listening!

Thanks for listening and thanks for playing!  Who has the best “15 seconds”?  Comment below!







14 Replies to “15 Seconds”

  1. Fabulous sounding voices, all of them. I mean it, I’m not just sucking-up here. That said, allow me a more scientific study.

    High-Clip’s lighthearted, impromptu-like mirth promises a casual, festive atmosphere. Who can resist further listening? No one, I say.

    Gaia’s attractive (pardon the expression) alluring accent, coupled with her professional resonance, is a sure hit.

    Casen’s radio voice promises an intellectual affair with the right amount of spit and spice.

    And Carrot? Well, what can I say about Carrot that “Good morning, Vietnam!” doesn’t? Eh? Remember? Rock-n-roll, baby!

    It’s a tough call. I simply can’t pick a winner. Okay, okay, maybe I’m just an old-softy sucking-up. But you said, Podcasts. So I say why limit the podcasts to one intro? Give ’em all a spot. But if you insist on having one and one only, then fair’s fair, throw a name in a hat. And good luck!

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    1. Carrot, all day. That voice is funny AF great way to start a show although he might want to add on one of those jokes and maybe pump up the base with some more umph! Bass how low can you go.

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