A Climber’s Christmas III

It’s that time of the year again! Winter holidays can be stressful and draining, specially if you decide to celebrate Christmas and give the gift of giving. Therefore, we have created our annual climber’s wish list to assist you with last-minute shopping. These are some gift ideas from us to you! We hope you like them and, if not, you can always buy one of these items and prank your obnoxious coworker 😀


For year one and year two of our annual “Climber’s Christmas” post I stuck to recommending stocking stuffers. The momentum has built and I see no reason to break with tradition now! And so I (Carrot) shall stick to the ways of filling a climber’s stocking without breaking the bank.

Mama Dirtbag Climbing Session Set ($20.00 Mamadirtbag.com). Mama Dirtbag has concocted an impeccable blend for solidifying and protecting a climbers most important asset. HANDS! The perfect send awaits, and with the right protection that wait time inches closer to now!

Project Edge Climbing Pinch/Crimp Trainer ($20.00 Projectedgeclimbing.com) As you’re sitting there reading The Endurance by Caroline Alexander ($19.39 Amazon) you might as well get swole. How else are you going to measure yourself in the giant shadow of the great Ernest Shackleton as you read about how he makes his way across the Antarctic Continent. Pinch strength and GRIT!!!

Kong Frog Quickdraw. This thing is just too cool to not be included in a climber’s rack. I’ve never tried one, I’ve never even seen one in person, but when that climber in your life pulls this draw out of the toe of their stocking and exclaims ‘WTF’, you’ll know you made the right call! WTF indeed! It’s weird, it’s smart, it’s a conversation starter your climber didn’t even know they wanted! ($36.10 Amazon)

• Yeah I know I am technically sneaking five gift recommendations in where I was asked to provide only three, but I’m sure any climber would appreciate a donation made in their name to Access Fund. (Any amount: Access Fund)

20190428_101047           screen-shot-2019-12-18-at-8.59.35-am.png              51YSO0pERDL._AC_SL1200_         61eGuCnxZrL._SX447_BO1,204,203,200_


As I mentioned last year, practicality is everything. These gifts will make any (sport) climber happier than a cam (yes, my bad puns are inescapable). Even more, these have so many different uses and are customizable, making them an even safer bet!

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Bag ($29.95 blackdiamondequipment.com). The half-burrito is truly a life-safer, but there are times when you need some extra space for your gear or a longer rope. You’re biking to the gym or hiking to the crag, and you don’t have an extra hand for your rope and miscellaneous items. Fret not: the burrito will hold everything and will chill out securely on your handlebars or clipped to your pack. This is a guaranteed hit for any climber! I mean, who can turn down a burrito?

BlueWater 6mm x 30ft Pre-Cut Accessory Cord ($12.95 bluewaterropes.com) One of the most underappreciated systems is a quad anchor. They save your draws from extra wear, equalize weight, etc. What’s a better Christmas present then one you can assemble yourself? The first part to one of these bad boys is some accessory cord. When it comes to any type of cord, you can always count on BlueWater, so I’d go with some of their threads.

Trango React Screwlock ($9.50 trango.com) These carabiners are the final pieces to the quad anchors! Lockers are a must, and you really can’t beat a traditional screwgate. On top of that, Trango always has the smoothest and slickest ‘biners, so you know you’ll have the best quad at the crag!

630150_Full_Rope_Burrito_web     Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 9.14.19 AM23066_1_


Sustainability is the way to go! Let’s start gaining eco-friendly habits now. In this way, when the new year arrives, we’ll be absolutely ready to tackle pollution and create environmental awareness. We’ve got this! 🙂

DoubleBrush Eco-Friendly Fire Starters ($17 etsy.com) This set includes six all-natural fire starters to use in any outdoor (or even indoor) occasion. This is the way to go for happy campers who care about the environment and want to avoid using toxic chemical lighting fluid. These products are handmade using macadamia nuts, macadamia shells, and coffee grounds. They look so great I am afraid you might even want to eat them!

National Parks Bucket List Scratch Poster ($29.99 etsy.com) This poster is the cutest present one could give to explorers and National Parks’ enthusiasts! The concept is simple yet well thought out: Scratch the logo of the park you have already been to. The artist designed and drew each image, creating a clean, beautiful, and clever design. You cannot go wrong with this meaningful present!

• You also have the option to order the poster with a hanging magnetic teak frame (string made from vegan leather!)

Edelrid Boa Eco 9.8mm Non-Dry Rope ($109.95- $179.95) If you are willing to break the bank for either yourself of another loved one, this rope is a no-brainer. It is made from left over yarn from previous ropes, having a low production footprint. What makes this product even better is that is not only eco-friendly, but it also performs as any other ‘regular’ Edelrid rope. Amazing, right?

il_1588xN.1708416891_17a2              il_1588xn.1960685912_s6ys.jpg              c4a22f50-7de2-404e-9e46-4e9e57b500a9


My favorite gifts are the ones I use over and over again. There’s a certain feeling you get when you grab something you use every single day. And I’m with High-Clip, practicality is everything. I want this gift to be something you will love to give.

  1. The Ledge (https://amzn.to/34B3cY2) I’m always down for an inspiring story. While I may not read this book over and over again every single day, I do have to motivate myself every single day, and this book will definitely fuel that fire. Without spoiling anything, essentially this book is about a man who falls down a crevasse on Mt. Rainer, and his insane climb out of it!
  2. AeroPress (https://amzn.to/36LYVCB) The perfect cup of coffee is within reach! Just like french press coffee, all you need is boiled water, so it’s perfect for a camping trip. But unlike the french press, you won’t have to wait 15 minutes for your steaming hot cup of joe. This press uses much higher pressure, and can get a far more concentrated mix of coffee, faster. And talk about internal motivation, this cup of coffee is THE reason I get up in the morning.
  3. Camelbak (https://amzn.to/2S4xuQp) If you haven’t hopped on the Camelbak train yet, it’s finally your time. This sucker will help you hydrate! You can carry more water, easier with this backpack-water bottle combination. It utilizes a pouch that slides inside the backpack that acts as a huge reservoir for carrying water. It’s a great gift for a runner, or an avid outdoors enthusiast.


13531836                aeropress-1        1824001000











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