Kids’ MINI M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

Gear Review: Hydration Pack

Company: Camelbak

Product: Kids’ Mini M.U.L.E.

The time arrived! The time for T to have his own hydration system! Up until now, my Camelbak was considered the family’s water fountain and T was the first in line to drink from it. However, this dynamic only worked until his demand increased. We desperately needed to get him a hydration pack so he could become more independent (+ hydrated) during our adventures. Therefore, it became the most solicited birthday present item on our list.

I have to highlight that T got extremely excited when he saw his Camelbak after ripping off the wrapping paper. ‘My favorite colors,’ he said. The Mini Mule could not have come more in handy! After our first climbing adventure T was already hooked, he put in on immediately and carried it around with pride. The ‘backpack’ has several storage compartments with enough room to keep snacks and small hiking essentials (toys, first aid kit, etc.)

Because T is the one who wears it, I asked him what he likes the most about the product and the reasons he would recommend it. He said:

  • It is easy to drink water
  • I love how light it is
  • It has all this storage (plus my secret storage)
  • It reflects light

I have to point out that the product’s design is thought for cycling and, although convenient, it still has some storage limitations due to its compact structure.

T still carries his climbing gear in another backpack and at certain points we have to help him carry it. So, even though he (and us) have gained some independence at the crag/trail, he (+ us) also has certain limitations.

Recommendation: Kids, short to medium hikes/cycling.

Specs for Mini MULE (as stated on

-Reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments
-Breathable air mesh back panel for a lightweight, comfortable fit
-Safety whistle included on sternum strap
-Secure zippered pocket for essentials
-Lightweight, ventilated mesh harness
-Bike tool organizer pocket keeps supplies safely stored and easily accessible

MSPR: $50

Web Site: Logo_of_CamelBak_Products,_LLC.png


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