My Tips for Working from Home!

Currently, down here in the great state of Texas, things are pretty divided about this whole coronavirus thing. Amazingly, many schools are doing their absolute best to stay open despite the rapidly increasing numbers of those infected and those dying.

At the university I go to, they are giving us the choice between using the internet for school, or going into an actual, physical class. So, naturally, I’ll be completing my last college semester in what is essentially isolation.

So, since a lot of us are in the same boat, I figured I’d give some of my best tips for working at home for you guys! These some of the things I know help me, and I hope they help you as well.

  • Create a routine as similar to the one you had when going to work. This will help create better focus.
    • Start your remote day the same time you usually get to the office or school!
    • Use your calendar to block out time for regimented tasks and activities. Ones you may have taken for granted in the past.
    • Though most gyms are closed, it’s still important to make that a part of your schedule. Substitute a bike ride, walk or run during that same time.
  • How does your remote/home workspace work for you?
    • For me, the most important thing is that I feel good in the space I sit down to work in.
    • Be intentional about decorations! Make it your own and you’ll feel happy to work there.
    • I like to surround myself with things I love. Pictures of my family, prints of Lynn Hill tackling el Cap, whatever it is that inspires you.
    • It’s easy for me to just make my workspace functional and end there. Don’t be like me! Decorations are so important for long term satisfaction with that work spot.
  • EAT
    • Unfortunately, whenever I’m knee deep into a project the first thing I forget about is eating a good meal. For me, that can lead to getting sick, making it harder for me to eat later when I actually get around to it. It aids my anxiety, and at its worst it can drive a powerfully negative workplace experience.

Ultimately, this is a hard time for everyone. If we are going to get through it, we can’t try and treat it like a vacation. We really need to try our best to take those extra steps to ensure our longevity mentally and physically.

I hope some of these tips and my experience is able to help you! I would love to hear what you decorate your favorite spaces with in the comments!

Casen (Co-writer)

11 Replies to “My Tips for Working from Home!”

  1. yeah man… same out here in Nepal. the landlocked country in southasia. i find it as similar as mine and certain things to improve also. and one more thing i have also the el-cap poster on my wall.

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  2. Good tips! If the weather is fine I go outside and sit on a rock overlooking the sheep. They come up with great ideas to solve problems. Keep Calm and Say Bää!

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  3. Great advice! Routines are so powerful, and the importance of exercise in that routine cannot be overstated! I definitely think that having a set workspace can be helpful, but have also found I love the freedom of WFH where I can change things up by working from different locations, outdoors or otherwise.

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  4. I never would have thought about keeping decorations or a few sentimental tokens around you. Good idea for making your workspace feel like familiar and comfortable. Thanks for your post.

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  5. Couldn’t agree more! So important to have some kind of routine amongst the chaos. It helps me feel productive. Even just a bike ride around the neighborhood works wonders. I miss bouldering a lot so we put a hangboard in our garage, that has been fun! I like to put up photos I’ve taken of the places I love around my station. Something to look forward to and to remember the beauty that is still all around us.

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  6. Great advice! I find bulk cooking healthy lunches helps me avoid straying to the kitchen to snack all day. Also, when the weather isn’t good for running outside, there are a lot of great YouTube workout videos!

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  7. Let me begin with, I love the picture for this story. Going to school online is cool. I have received 2 degrees. Going back for another soon. You can get things done. I love it. At least staying home 🏡 keeps you safe for the mostly. If the weather is awful you don’t have to go out in that mess. You get to be more thorough with your assignments and grow from them. All the positive aspects are there. When I get in the zone of getting work done, I forget to eat. Now i schedule everything…even eating. Even if it is just half a sandwich, something is better than nothing. You need fuel for optimal 🧠 functionality.

    Best wishes on your studies. 📚🏫 📓

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  8. Ever since I became diabetic (inherited type 2) my body tells me insistently when I have to eat by drowning me in flop-sweats. It’s a drag to have to interrupt my inspired train of though to shovel in the fuel, but I am getting the hang of this. It’s a new rhythm. I have been working from home for decades so the scenery needs refreshing in the office now and then. World keeps spinning.

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  9. Good advice! My daughter will be learning from home. I need to create a space for her that is not in her room, I think. Our county in VA gave us a choice between virtual or face to face. We chose virtual. I think more people chose virtual than they were expecting. We start the week after labor day, and many teachers don’t even know which school, grade level, or subject they will be teaching yet. It’s a mess!

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  10. What did you pay for the aquarium? I want to add one to my decor. LOL! Actually, I get to enjoy a woodland view and my flower gardens. I agree that getting outdoors for exercise is good….also routine. I find myself in my sewing room almost routinely at 2pm every day. Not sure how that happens.

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