Brittany Davis

Rock Climber Brittany Davis is one of the most enjoyable people we’ve had a chance to chat with. From the very moment we met, it felt like we were just catching up with an old friend. Brittany’s stories are unimaginable, but the way she tells them is spellbinding. Brittany is such a natural story teller, that we often forgot that we were part of the conversation, and would fall into trance like moments of hyper-engaged listening.

Falling forty feet from the top of a climbing wall, breaking her L1 vertebra, and snapping both the ulna and radius bones in her arm left Brittany heartbroken and paralyzed. The work she put in and the mental fortitude she executed has propelled Brittany to the world championship stage of adaptive rock climbing. Brittany’s engagement and advocacy for adaptive athletes is heartwarming beyond compare. Brittany Davis is a force, a perfect example of what happens when you combine strength and empahty.

The details of Brittany’s stories are something you have to hear for yourself, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with this kind, funny, and brilliant human for this installment of the DIHEDRAL Podcast.

An enormous THANK YOU to Brittany for sitting down with us and an enormous THANK YOU to you for listening in!

You can listen in to the DIHEDRAL Podcast on most podcast platforms, or simply click HERE.

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    I Nominated you for the Liebster Award and I really hope You Reply.
    Btw Love your Blog!


      1. Hi! I just wanted you to know that I change my Site address – Now it’s

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  2. She is awesome! Nice piece guys. I’ll check out the podcast this evening. 😉

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