Black Diamond Full and Half Burrito Bags

High-Clip is back with another comparison review. Still on the topic of ropes, I’m going to compare the Black Diamond (BD) Full Rope Burrito Bag and the BD Half Rope Burrito Bag hereinafter referred to as the Full and Half, respectively. 

In case you weren’t aware, BD’s burrito rope bags are hands down the best in versatility AND looks. They truly are little bundles of joy that keep your rope happy. Now for the detail:

The Full

When BD says this is the full bag, they really mean it. Definitely the full package. This bag is a deep black color and is more than enough space for any rope you would ever climb on. In fact, a 60m would take a little over half of the bag. Being the rope parent you are, you fold in your rope and tuck it to the dark, warm recesses of the Full. Now that you rope is cozy, you need to worry about your other gear. You sort through your rack and fill up your pack for your climbing trip. But then, you realize you forget those human things like food and a jacket for the weather and your camera and everything else you usually forget until exactly the moment you walk out the door. With the Full, it doesn’t even matter. There’s enough secure space (space out of which nothing will fall) that you can easily stash your extra belongings right on top of your rope. It’s basically like an edgy tote with a compartment for your rope. 

Even if you’re not at the crag, the Full has your back. You can just forget using your gym bag. Why struggle to fit everything in there when your gear can live with your rope? You can just add your shoes, chalk bag/bucket, and harness on top of your rope. Easy peasy.

The Half

This bag is for all of you practical and prepared people who have your stuff together but would just like an easier way to carry your rope. Just like the Full, the Half folds out into a tarp that will keep your rope safe from dirt and/or from tangling as you drag it across the gym/crag. You’ll have some extra space with a 40m in there, but with a 60m you’ll be using nearly all the space. Either way, you’re probably not going to stash many of your belongings in this bag unless your rope is relatively short (<= 40m). However, it is just the perfect size to keep your rope happy. On top of that, it’s small enough to clip to the top of your pack or fit on your bike’s handlebars. Whether you want your hands free for the approach or you want a way to bike your rope to the gym, the Half will fit your needs. This little blue bag is small but mighty.

Last Thoughts

The BD burrito bags are basically tarps that fold into a burrito shape into a bag attached to the side. They are SUPER easy to clean if and when they get full of mud/dirt—just throw ‘em in the wash like anything else and then they look and smell good as new! If you want to have extra space to stash miscellaneous items, the Full is for you. If you just want the smallest thing that will take care of your rope that you can take anywhere by any means, the Half is for you. Either way, you really can’t go wrong. These bags are extremely straightforward and can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Recommendation: Any rope climber!

Specs: 28L & 343g (Full); 15L & 155g (Half); no zippers or fasteners

MSRP: $29.95 (Full); $19.95 (Half)



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