oOOHOOooooohohohhh ghost sounds

Gather ‘round the campfire wee ones and hold each other tight. I have some ghost climbing stories that should give ye a fright!

…I’m writing this in a pirate voice for some reason. Did anyone else get pirate out of that? It doesn’t really fit but I guess they can be scary…anyway, MOVING ON.

There’s tales of Michael’s and Jason’s and Freddy’s galore, but here be the things that scare a climber much more…

A legend ‘round here will shake the tightest of shoes, a ghost that will change route grades to amuse.

So, don’t get excited if you top that 11, ‘cause soon you will find that it was only a 7.

Our next spooky story is one of great terror. A Beta Bro, they come and point any error.

They may never even climb, they just carry a bag, but Beta Bro’s will surely tell you where to grab.

Please, my friends, tuck children to bed fast, because the scariest story I saved for the last.

When a climber is climbing and sees a great jug, they get excited of course to grab the big lug.

But on some spooky nights, as the legend is told, that jug’s not a jug, but some crappy hold.

So next time you’re climbing be prepared for these scares, I’d hate for any of you to be caught unawares…you know what I don’t need you guys to critique my slant rhymes, ok? I just had to stop here and say that cause I knew that you would. They are perfectly acceptable…perfectly…fine…they’re good. Leave me alone.

Happy Halloween!

Jen Alger (@chubbygirlclimbing)

*disclaimer: I actually love Beta Bros. Thank you for the beta.


  1. The hold I was told
    Was bom and solid.
    The hold I found was a tomb of scree salad.

    The Strong hold I was told,
    The one that was for real,
    Was to hear you behold and be told
    This wonderful arrrrrr storrrryyyy Matey
    Of the route switch horrrrrorrrr
    From the arrrrrr allegorrrrry lady.

    This post gave my laughter a 5.0 walk in the park to climb up to standing and belly laugh out instantly.

    Liked by 2 people

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