Pete Whittaker

Today we feature rock climbing virtuoso, crack connoisseur, off-width aficionado Pete Whittaker to theDIHEDRAL Podcast’s themed concept Anything But Climbing!

Among Pete Whittaker’s accomplishments you’ll find…

  • First ascent of Century Crack 5.14b
  • First ascent of Lamb of Gob 5.14b
  • First person to solo-free El Cap in under 24hrs
  • First person to solo-free Mt Watkins in any time (done in under 24 hrs)
  • Solo climbed both El Cap and Half Dome in under 24hrs

Pete Whittaker makes up one half of the Wide Boyz duo.  If you aren’t sure what that is, enjoy this trailer. He’s the type of climber who other professional rock climbers look at and wonder how he is able to do what he does.  He’s been featured in two Wide Boyz Documentaries, a google search will return nearly 2.5 million results, he’s objectively one of the greatest rock climbers who has ever lived.  Pete has recently released the book Crack Climbing Mastering the Skills and Techniques which can be found pretty much anywhere books are sold.  We have a million climbing questions for Pete, but that will have to wait for another day, because on this episode, we take 15 minutes to talk to Pete Whittaker about Anything But Climbing.

We hope you find this conversation as enjoyable as we did…Pete’s reaction to the topic of conversation is priceless. He was such a sport rolling with the questions, and giving beautifully reasoned responses throughout.

Of course we want to thank Pete for joining us, and allowing us to promote a project that’s near and dear to him, The Alpkit Foundation.

We also want to thank you for listening/watching the show. You can find the interview on theDIHEDRAL Podcast Here, on YouTube Here, and listed on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

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