Plastic Cap

Plastic Cap!

What is the Plastic Cap Challenge?

Have you ever heard of a salary cap?  It’s a simple idea that’s often practiced in professional sports to alleviate the cost of overspending.  The idea is that there is a set amount of money that can be spent, and if you go over the allotment there is a tax imposed.  For example lets say there is a $10.00 salary cap, if I want something that will cost me $11.00, then I pay the $10.00 I am allowed to spend, but for the $1.00 that goes over the cap I must pay $2.00.  The extra $1.00 is the tax I owe for going over the cap.

For the month of February theDIHEDRAL has complied to slightly reduce the weight of our carbon footprint by avoiding the purchase of any new plastic.  In other words our Plastic Cap is set at zero.  Just like the salary cap scenario laid out above anytime we go over the cap, a tax will be imposed.  We have agreed to pay a $1.00 plastic tax for every new item we purchase that is composed of plastic. The taxes that we collect will then be donated to (Access Fund– A non-profit designed to protect access to public lands).  This way if we succeed then we’ve done something positive.  And if we fail, then we do something positive as well…win win.

The Plastic Cap is the collective brainchild of theDIHEDRAL and a few of our climbing buddies. It all started one day when we were just sitting around talking after a climbing session. The topic was originally inspired after watching an impassioned “Insta-rant” by a fellow climber and outdoor enthusiast Devin Whitney Arnold (@littledevv).

One person’s rant turned into a twenty-person challenge. In year two that rant grew into a forty-person challenge and we’re hoping with your help that number can grow even larger.  We’re realistic enough to know that this challenge won’t change the world, but it can raise awareness, and it can change a mentality.  Best of all, we’re in this together!

So, if you want to follow our progress, we’ll be using the hashtag #plasticcap on our social media outlets, but we want to follow your progress as well, so if this idea intrigues you, let us know what obstacles you face, and how you progress by commenting below or spreading #plasticcap on social media.  Feel free to tag us and let us know whom you’ve brought into the challenge , and which organizations your plastic tax will go to if any? (my family is already sick of me imposing this on them)

My biggest obstacles are definitely going to be food. I eat Greek yogurt like I’m an ancient god sucking down ambrosia 5.3 ounces at a time. I drink soymilk like soybeans have nipples (I thought soymilk would be fine until I noticed that Plastic Cap).  And I eat packaged frozen veggies like a vegetarian in The North Pole.  Literally almost everything I eat comes packaged in plastic! What ever will I eat this month?  Who knows? But I promise to keep you posted along the way!  I’m armed with my Nalgene, a flock of cloth grocery bags, and for the times when I can’t avoid plastic I have a wallet filled with enough dollar bills to satiate a carnie working the ring toss!

Yep we’re ditching the straws, the grocery bags, the plastic cups, and anything else that comes in plastic.

SO, let’s go…let’s impose a Plastic Cap, and see where it takes us!

  • How many earths would if take if everyone lived like you?  Find out here! (2.5 earths for me)
  • If you’re interested in finding out more about Access Fund click here.
  • If you are planning on joining the challenge, let us know in the comments so we can keep track of the growing list of participants.

30 Replies to “Plastic Cap”

  1. Great idea. I’ll definitely follow along and will possibly play along. Food packaging is hard. I have a Quip toothbrush that I really like. Boxed wine has a plastic bladder. So much to think about.

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    1. Sarah, it is so much harder than people would think…usually after day one, I am like “oof, I am going to be donating a lot of $”. We are pumped to have you following along!

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    1. YES!!! Since day one people have told us that we won’t make a difference, but we’re still doing out best three years later, even if that difference is small, it’s still better than not trying. Thank you for supporting the idea and the goal!

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      1. The concept is also true in the insurance brokerage business. Ya must make sure ya clients 💰 otherwise No commission and ya get a 5% surcharge added to ya balance sheet. Bottom line is be smart and cautious about plastic! Got it 🙏♒️🐕

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      2. I have the license but have not used it in years. I was an insurance broker on my Papa’s orders hence I became a broker! Had my father said Ya are a doctor, engineer architect I would have been! Period. @ Times Parents forget How Vital Every Word Nuanced Said Emoted Shape The Clays, Homo Sapiens!🙏♒️🐕😆😷

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  2. I’d love to do this but I would be broke by the end of the month. Any breaks for using products that include recycled plastic or recycling the plastic?

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      1. LOL. Thanks. If nothing else I will be extra careful with my purchases, but what a difficult challenge. Instead of dollars I am thinking of donating time to access fund or a similar organization. Until I get a job, I am broke….

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      2. That is such a great idea Rhonda. I think our buddy Luke, may have some insight on how to do that!!! We are planning on going to a crag soon to just pick up trash, I think every little bit helps!


      1. Thanks very much. My Instagrams @gamersstartup and I help new entrepreneurs with the mind, body and business through tips I have learnt throughout my career. Give me a shout if you’d like anything promoted my end too. 👍

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