Deaf History & Climbing

For National Deaf History month, we have a very special guest piece. Our guest writer is hearing, but he is very involved in the Deaf community, and made us a comic depicting some experiences a Deaf climber may have:

If you have an experience as a Deaf climber, we’d love to learn about what works for you! Tell us your story.

High-Clip’s Bro for Life

9 Replies to “Deaf History & Climbing”

  1. What a great post! I’m glad you got the guest writer/artist, but I was wondering if they had a way to follow them, either blog or social media, because they have some great ideas. And if they are not looking to share or have followers, that’s okay, too! I’m glad they shared.

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    1. Also realizing not all deaf people consider themselves disabled, but differently abled and often being bilingual in their cultures language as well as sign language.

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