Sierra Blair-Coyle

Kindness is the type of virtue that is never in abundance. I’ve never felt bad for acting kind, and I’ve never complained that someone was too kind. Professional climbers are often forced to train in public settings like gyms and crags, and are often surrounded by fans who just want a photo, or a chance to say hello, or just revel in the strength of that climber.

Along the way I have heard nothing but uplifting stories about the patience of professional climbers and how they interact with their fans, especially the younger ones. One of the things I find most admirable about climbing is how most of the participants from the top to the bottom support and encourage one another. In climbing, there is a sense of kindness where you might otherwise find indifference.

Leading that charge of kindness is one of the world’s best boulderers, Sierra Blair-Coyle. Sierra has been climbing professionally since she was 14 years old, and has been a world-cup competitor since 2010.  She’s a two-time junior national champion, and continues to crush rocks and competitions all over the world. 

She is truly one of the sports greatest ambassadors.  In addition to being one of the strongest athletes, she is also one of the kindest and most open professional athletes there is.

Every week Sierra hosts a Q & A where she personally takes the time to answer all of her fans and followers questions and she has been doing this for nearly ten years!

It was such a privilege to be able to chat with Sierra Blair-Coyle on our latest episode of Anything But Climbing.

We hope you find this conversation as pleasant as we did…Sierra speaks so candidly, with warmth and strength!

Of course we want to thank Sierra for joining us, and allowing us to promote an effort that’s near and dear to her, Sojourner Center.

We also want to thank you for listening. You can find the interview on theDIHEDRAL Podcast HERE, on our YouTube Channel HERE, and listed on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

For more from Sierra, check out her Instagram.

5 Replies to “Sierra Blair-Coyle”

    1. It is really great when everyone can remember that we are all people! No one wants to feel inferior, and so when people we look up to treat us as equals, I think it’s a great reminder that we are just that!!! Great point!

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  1. I admire anyone that can answer rudeness with kindness. I do the go silent and think about it first, but then might just have to walk away before I say what rushes into my mind. There’s a saying here in the UK “There’s nowt stranger than folk!” and always the strange things are asked of anyone brave enough to put their head above the parapet. Well done to this young woman.

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