Irksome Things that Give me an Existential Crisis

Lately, I’ve been thinking about certain things/moments that send me in a downward spiral. Some may say “existential crisis” is far too dramatic and inaccurate a term for the things on this list, but I will tell these people to shut their trap. But honestly I think if you’ve experienced any of these, then you’ll 100% agree with me. Like, it’s not even an opinion, really.

  1. Seeing myself in the Target security camera at self checkout
Is that even me?

2. Jogging for an hour and looking at your watch only to find its actually been four minutes

Why the aggression?

3. Flashing a route, but then seeing they lowered the grade the next day

Why you gotta be this way

4. Buying lettuce only to find its withering carcass in the back of my fridge a week later 

Sorry for how this drawing came out.

5. CDC trying to tell me not to eat raw cookie dough 


The list goes on, but I’ll let you off easy for now. So, your turn. What tragic things make you rethink life?

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25 Replies to “Irksome Things that Give me an Existential Crisis”

  1. Not buying something at a store and then walking out empty-handed afraid they’ll think I stole something, even though I have never stolen anything.

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  2. Ambient reality at this moment in history has pretty much shattered my sense of existence. I’ve never felt so ‘fuck this shit. I’m getting out of here’ in my life but there’s no where to go. Beyond that, realizing that a lot of my dreams are ships that have sailed. I love your drawings. The lettuce especially. 🙂

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  3. These pictures are great! I have mini existential crises all the time. Especially when someone waves in your directions and you’re not sure if they are waving at you or someone behind you. People are better at remembering me than I am of them. If you’re a dog I’ll remember you forever. If we volunteered together all through our kids’ third grade class, nope, tabula rasa (clean slate).

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      1. You know it’s one of those myth things people talk about to make themselves thin. Apparently there’s less calories in a stick of celery than it takes to eat it. I prefer the other one: It burns 120 calories a minute hitting your head against a wall. Still, I think I might prefer the celery.

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  4. Sorry, that was a tangent. I will answer the existential crises question: Driving home late, in the twilight or dark, walking into the house that has no lights on and knowing it has been on it’s own without me and nothing happened there, but it seems different.

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  5. Never getting the right amount of water for my annual flowers. First they look like they’re dying of dehydration, then they clearly turn yellow from too much water. Then they look great. Then they just croak in one day for no apparent reason. They hate me.

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  6. Getting to the shops only to realise that I’ve forgotten my face mask. I’m always doing that. Still, it helps my step count. The illustrations in this article are great. Really enjoyed it. 😊

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  7. Thank you for liking my blog
    I love the drawings!

    I have an egg plant withering. Not as grand as your lettuce.

    Being 70 has its moments of super joy. Your smell changes. My kids visit. “The house smells like mom,” she says. I am too scared to ask if she means smells or smells. Or, I thought I killed it with Yardley. And you watch love stories as if they are fantasies. And you don’t do fantasy. Love and Light.

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