Alaska Dreaming

My 19 year-old self would have never thought that moving to the United States would give her the opportunity to experience such a wonderful place. Do not get me wrong though, as we have our fair share of magical places in Venezuela. However, bears and eagles are creatures I had never seen nor thought I would be able to admire so close to their natural habitat. As I write this, I sit in bed reminiscing about this afternoon’s encounter with momma bear and her two cubs, the eagle party, and all the starfishes one can imagine.

Today was a day of exploration, as all the days we’ve spent here have been. The tide was extremely low, so we woke up early in the morning to look for marine life. We arrived to the prettiest house with the most amazing view, got our rain gear on, and walked to the beach right across from it. Holy FISH! There were starfishes everywhere you turned to look. Bright orange, red, purple, skinny, big, small. Carrot’s cousin is a fishery biologist, so of course she told me the name of all, I just cannot seem to recall. T was running around like crazy, he just could not believe his eyes. We had to be careful where we stepped as we did not want to squash any marine creature. Little crabs were also everywhere, hiding under the rocks as we walked. Could this day be any more impressing? The answer is yes!

Could we top what we just experienced? I thought as we walked back to the house. After hanging out for awhile, Carrot’s aunt told us to get ready to keep exploring. We did as she said and followed along. She knew how much T and I wanted to see bear, so she drove us to an area near the fisheries were they go to eat. Unfortunately, there were no bear. No bear, but a great deal of eagles! These days have had their good share of eagle as you see them flying every once in a while. These time, however, they were all at one place, flying around and sharing with us their high-pitched whistling. What a view! We got back into the car, as I let everything sink in.

I was scrolling through the pictures in my camera on our way back to the house when I hear a, “Look!” I turn toward the water thinking it was that sea lion again, to my surprise Carrot was pointing to the road. Just when we thought we had lost our chance of seeing them, we are surprised with a momma bear and her two cubs crossing the road! T and I lost it, I could not believe my eyes. I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but my hand was shaking with excitement as I internally panicked because one photo is never enough.

We still have a few days left, and we are still looking forward to so many things to do and see. However, I have decided to let myself be surprised and taken over by the wonders of this place. If you have the chance to travel and admire wildlife, Ketchikan, Alaska is an incredible place to do so. I hope you get to enjoy magic in your life too!


14 Replies to “Alaska Dreaming”

  1. You need to sponsor me a trip, I come and enjoy myself with you or I invite you to Kenya You come to enjoy the African habitat and compare, you can take what is comfortable for you as a first priority right, Good to read from your end and it is such an awesome experience right

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  2. What a delightful sharing of your experiences there. Right from the heart.

    I’m missing my partner who died last month in a whitewater accident in northern Quebec. Away teaching. He wished I could be there to experience the life he loved. Covid and borders said no.

    Your words remind me of things that had him excited and stories he shared. Full of life and energy.

    Thank you. You brought a smile to my day.

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  3. I remember when I first saw a starfish. The moment was unforgettable. I had always seen pictures of starfish, but never seen a real one. We were at Kayak Point, in Washington State. On the pier, and beneath were these posts and the Starfish was hanging on the post. The posts were holding the pier up, and so I could see the Starfish, and not long after I got to hold a starfish. Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. I would be freaking out too – super nervous in case a car came around the corner.
    We should all drive as if there might be an animal around every corner.

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