Holy Stone HS720E Drone

Gear Review: Drone with UHD Camera

Company: Holy Stone

Product: Holy Stone HS720E Drone

Hey, guys. I know that as soon as you purchase a drone with a camera, people want to label you a perv or something. But I’m not a creep! I just have a double chin unless pics are taken from a high angle, which is difficult if you have short arms and no friends. So, I went the extra mile and purchased a drone that follows me.

Just kidding. Maybe.

Let me start off this review by saying that this is the first drone I’ve ever had. I had done a lot of research and this one was highly rated for being easy-to-use and a good quality product. I have found those aspects to be true and so much more.

This drone has features galore. Some features even scare me they’re so advanced. Moe is… (oh, by the way I named my drone Moe after that Wall-E robot. I know he wasn’t a drone, but he was cute, whatever, leave me alone) …Moe is able to follow me without any of my guidance. This means hands-free, I-don’t-have-to-touch-a-thing movement. I choose the “Follow Me” option and he will track me on a run, or a climb, or a hike until I stop him, or he runs out of batteries (Moe can last over twenty minutes, which is pretty darn good. They give you two batteries with purchase).

Moe can also fly on a path I set, hover, and circle any point of interest I mark. After all is said and done, he can return “home” on his own. He’ll do this automatically if his battery is low, so no fear of him dropping out of the sky randomly. There was really no risk of me accidentally crashing this drone, which was something I worried about, it mostly flies by itself, and if I want to take control, it’s very simple and smooth. You would have to really TRY to plummet this thing into the ground.

The camera feature is pretty good. It’s not the clearest picture I’ve had, but the stabilization is excellent considering this thing is flying around. I can also control where the camera is facing through the app on my phone and save everything he records directly there. I really can’t wait to try and climb outside with this thing. I’m going to be that annoying person at the crag, I just know it.

The only downside of this product is that you have to be incredibly aware of how you talk to Moe, knowing that he will eventually own you in the future A.I. takeover. But that’s not so bad.

Recommendation: All levels!

Specs: 495g/17.46 oz., 177 x 104 x 58 mm (folded), 337 x 240 x 58 mm (unfolded)

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