Horseshoe Hell Begins

As I write this, the hours before the competition keep ticking by. It turns out, I needed much more help than I thought when wrote Horseshoe Hell Help. For starters, my partner and I bought the guidebook for Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (HCR); my good friends in theDIHEDRAL community kept me on a brutal but necessary training routine; we scoured the internet for advice to add to the awesome advice from our friends who have competed previously. I still can’t believe this is something I get to be a part of, and I hope I don’t miss a second.

The plan right now is as follows:

1.) climb at least 115 routes each

2.) I win the women’s footrace

3.) we eat so much food and absorb the chaotic energy

4.) keep safe habits no matter what

5.) enjoy the party

Of course, we have a more detailed plan…you will have to watch the stories we add to @thedihedral on Instagram to get all of the details. We’ll see how my experience compares with my predictions from High-Clip Goes to Horseshoe Hell, Part 1.

It’s game time. Stay updated through our Instagram, and I’ll see you guys in Hell.


11 Replies to “Horseshoe Hell Begins”

  1. I’ll be watching for posts & am cheering you on. Have fun on this amazing life event you will carry with you forever. “Clllllllimb on.”

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  2. Have a wonderful time and remember that this is Type 2 Fun. You will be wrecked and struggling by the end. Saying you are never going to do it again. But a few days/week/months later you can look back and love every minute of what you achieved

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