Trango Crag Pack 2.0

The Trango Crag Pack 2.0 may be the last backpack you’ll ever need to buy.  It’s designed for a day at the crag, but this 45 L bag has enough room for long/multiday trips as well.  It’s a top loader, so you’ll want to pay attention to the order of your layers, for me that means spare socks and undies on the bottom, and snackies on the top, but there is no right way to load, so you do you.  Just make sure to put spare socks and undies on the bottom and snackies on the top.

While this bag works great for backpacking and hiking trips due to its comfortable back panel EVA padding, reinforced aluminum frame, and adjustable waist belt, the purpose of this bag is to get you and your gear to the crag.  With a tapered design, and lots of space, tossing everything you need for a day at the crag will not be a problem.  With the Trango Crag Pack 2.0, gone are the days of wearing your helmet, harness, and gear slings, while your shoes, spare socks and undies, food, water, and guidebook take up most of the space in your daypack, all while your rope-bag dangles awkwardly from your chest.  Just toss everything in one bag and be done with it.

The Trango Crag Pack 2.0 isn’t just about space.  There are some really cool and useful features that come along with this bag.

There is an external mesh shoe pouch that let’s your nasty climbing shoes breathe as you hike the approach.  This easy method of keeping your climbing shoes separate from your food is such a benefit.  No matter how hungry a person may happen to be, no one wants their lunchtime animal crackers to taste like feet.  In addition to the shoe pouch, there is an external pouch devoted to easy access for your guidebook.  That is one less worry as you are clanking down the trail looking for that first bolt.  Just reach around and grab the book, rather than doing whatever those barbarians without a guidebook mesh are still doing.  

This pack also comes with a cute little mini tarp to create a clean area for racking gear.  Aaaannnnd, if that isn’t enough there are 25 Access Fund wag bags for disposing of trash and shit.  The bag literally makes it easier for you to bring your crag dog (or to clean up after yourself if it turns out those extra undies were needed).  What other bag does that?  Finally, there is also a fleece-lined sunglass pocket in the hood of the bag, so that when you come in with the sunnies and leave with the headlamp, you’ll have a place to store your shades.

While this pack is rugged and plenty tough for carrying gear in and out of the rocks, it is not designed as a haul bag.  So, if you are looking for a bag to drag gear up the face of a rock, or drop from the top, you may want to look for something a little more specific to your goals.  However if you’re looking for a backpack with the space and design to suit all of your climbing, and hiking aspirations, then look no further that the Trango Crag Pack 2.0.

Recommendation: All Levels/Climbing and Hiking

Specs: Denier Titan Wrap, 45L, 3lbs 2oz

MSRP: $119.95


6 Replies to “Trango Crag Pack 2.0”

  1. It’s first thing in the morning here and I read the title as “Tragedy Crag Pack 2.0” While I’m glad there is no tragedy, do remember to always bring a small First Aid kit, tourniquet kit, and some type of large rectangular cloth that can be used as a sling or for tying splints…to prevent tragedy. I think I might start calling my first aid bag my tragedy bag. Hahaha.

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    1. That is such a great point Melanie. I am fully supportive of this advice, and I think that is a great idea for a future post. What a good 1st aid kit must have, with a few recommendations for kits on the market. Thank you for mentioning this, it is really important, and often overlooked by many (myself included). I love the new name for the first aid kit too…the tragedy bag!

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