Relaxteo Massage Gun

Before I get started, let me say that despite how it sounds and looks, this massage gun is NOT a toy. Not a regular toy nor a {wink, wink} toooooy toy. Unless your lady parts owe you money do not use Relaxteo on them. This is a deep tissue massager, folks. 

I’ve seen this massage gun a lot in ads and displayed at various sports stores and was always very skeptical. It looks kind of dumb. It looks like a scam. I didn’t see how punching my leg with a little ball thing was going to help my sore muscles.

Well, let me tell you.

This thing works.

Apparently punching my legs with little ball things (actually there’s 8 “heads” of different shapes and sizes that target specific muscle groups) is exactly what I needed in my life. Oh my god this whole article still sounds like a sex toy. I’m sorry. But I digress…

The Relaxteo has been great for muscle pain relief. I especially hold a lot of tension and this works a lot of that out. It’s also very easy to reach most of not all areas on your own. 

On top of that, it’s incredibly simple to use. I figured it out without reading the directions in about a minute. It comes with a carrying case and a little sheet that tells you what each attachment does for your muscles. 

My biggest critiques so far are the noise. It’s kind of like a mini jackhammer, which is a little off putting. 

If you can get over the sound aspect, however, I’d definitely recommend the Relaxteo Massage Gun for post workout. Especially after a long and grueling crag day! 

Relaxteo Massage Gun

Price: $129.99

5 Replies to “Relaxteo Massage Gun”

  1. Somehow, the idea of hitting myself repeatedly with a “mini-jackhammer” doesn’t sound like a selling point! 😉 (My daughter got one of these, though I don’t know the brand, and said it is painful. I think it is gathering dust in a closet.)


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