Re-Casting Call

We were wondering what a couple of our favorite shows might look like if the writers and producers were forced to substitute the original cast with some of our favorite professional rock climbers.


I’ve just finished watching The Good Place.  If you are looking to binge watch a show, I strongly recommend this one.  It was created by sitcom super star Michael Schur (SNL, The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).  Schur and his team hit another homerun (or in climbing terms, they sent the proj.) with The Good Place.  The show centers around Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who despite living a less than wholesome existence on earth somehow makes it to The Good Place.  The Good Place is a heaven like utopia where people who get in are treated to a marvelous ever-after.  The only problem is that Eleanor doesn’t belong there.  However, with time and a few close friends made along the way, Eleanor attempts to change her after-life around, and prove that she is exactly where she is supposed to be.

Eleanor’s friends include moral philosophy professor and all around good guy Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), British fashion model and anthropologist Tahani Al-Jamil (Jameela Jamil), DJ, Monk, Hiphop Dancer, Gamer, Jacksonville FL native, and Blake Bortles super-fan Jason Mendoza (Manny Jacinto), an immortal Good Place Architect and aficionado of all things human Michael (Ted Danson), and finally, there’s Janet (D’Arcy Carden) an omniscient AI, that can answer any question, and provide the residents with anything they desire. 

The climbers reboot of The Good Place.

  • Eleanor Shellstrop = Janja Garnbret
  • Chidi Anagonye = Mickael Mawem
  • Tahani Al-Jamil = Natalia Grossman
  • Jason Mendoza = Chris Sharma
  • Michael = Alan Watts
  • Janet = Hazel Findlay

While these climbers may not actually be able to pull off a reboot of The Good Place, just having them in a room together would be a great place to start.


Along with our sit-com theme, I will cast New Girl. This show is crazy funny, but it’s also a story of personal growth. Essentially, the main character, middle school teacher Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), moves into an all-guys apartment where everyone is very single. Each of them is also a mess, and the whole series depicts the chaos that always seems to follow them. Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) has no direction for his life (until his writing career), but he has a big heart, is chaotically handy, and from the first episode you know he and Jess are destined for each other. The rest of the roommates include an ex-pro basketball player and horrible prankster, Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris), a feminine and compulsive advertising executive Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and the human embodiment of a Sour Patch Kid, Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.). Lastly, Jess’s best friend since elementary school, Cece Parekh (Hannah Simone), is the spiciest and most mamma-bear model out there.

  • Jess Day = Nina Williams
  • Nick Miller = James Lucas
  • Schmidt = Kai Lightner
  • Winston = Kevin Jorgeson
  • Coach = Magnus Mitbo
  • Cece = Alex Johnson

Of course, each of these climbers actually has their life together, but they could bring enough chaos and laughs to the table to make an exciting cast of New Girl.

  1. If you have any shows you’d like to see re-cast or recommendations for roles, please let us know in the comments!

5 Replies to “Re-Casting Call”

  1. Interesting idea. Wonder how many outside the climbers’ circle know your substitutions? Know it would have been a tough chore to get permission and pics from your nominees, but it would have been most interesting to see the new cast members. You did succeed in making me go to the way-back machine and recast Hill Street Blues, and Top Gun. Had some fun.

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  2. What about One Tree Hill? I used to watch up until Peyton and Lucas (Hilary Burton) and Chad Michael Murray left the show. Afterwards, it was boring. I would have kept watching the series but it wasn’t entertaining anymore. I don’t know if One Tree Hill was a show of your interest. Nevertheless, this show is my choice for your reboot. It had drama, comedy, wildness, craziness- and a killer theme song!

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    1. The theme song is such an underrated aspect of a show. Great point! I haven’t watched it, but I think I’ll give it a go, at least until Peyton and Lucas leave the show, and see if we can get that reboot going!

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