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It’s time to talk about an awesome map.  Not just any awesome map, but an AWESOME climbing map brought to you by the map makers at Awesome Maps.  This might be one of my favorite pieces of climbing paraphernalia in the world.  Now granted I have an affinity for maps, but this climbing map is so much more than a map.

The map itself depicts crags all over the globe.  It comes with beautiful pieces of artwork representing locations from The Santiago Region all the way to Fontainebleau.  From the Grampians all the way to your neck of the woods.

This map is so beautifully detailed with an incredibly meticulous key representing the type of climbing, the number of routes, the height of the walls, and the difficulty levels.  From the moment I hung this map up I have been studying the minutiae and I seem to find something new every time.  I find myself profoundly recalling past trips and daydreaming of future climbing destinations while gazing at the artwork and reading the info charted on this map.

Awesome Maps is a such a cool business.  They are 6 friends who bring different skills to the table to in order to create original and fun maps.  I’m pretty sure if Awesome Maps were in charge of geography books there would be a lot more cartographers in the world, and a lot more happiness!  So, even if you aren’t in the market for a map, their story is pretty fun to read.  Here is a link!

So, obviously the climbing maps are the greatest thing since forged steel, but it doesn’t stop there.  Awesome Maps offers an array of maps that appeal to everyone from climbers to golfers.  With over 20 map themes, there really is something for everyone.  They have scratch off maps, coloring maps, hiking maps, bucket list maps, fishing maps, surfing maps, dog maps, SCUBA, mountain biking, and the list goes on and on and on.

In addition to the climbing map, my favorite maps are the coloring map (it’s so beautiful), the bucket list map (I want to do it all), and especially the dog map.  The dog map is not only filled with dogs from all over the world, but you can also have it made into a blanket or towel so that your dog can actually use it!

Most maps can be printed on paper, canvas, or a towel, and they also come with framing options.

After receiving my climbing map from Awesome Maps, I started to consider some of the great cartographers throughout history.  From my deep and detailed investigation, I noticed something peculiar that Ptolemy, Al Idrisi, Fra Mauro, Nicolas De Fer, and Hatsusaburo Yoshida have in common.  None of these great map makers have ever made a climbing map or a dog map on a towel, and because of that I have to rank the crew at Awesome Maps as perhaps the greatest map makers to ever play the game!

If you are in the market for a map, looking for a gift for someone you love (or like (or really anyone independently of your affinity for them)) or just want to check out some really cool pieces, then Awesome Maps is definitely the place for you!

Recommendation: Everyone

Specs: Varies according to order

MSRP: $44.99

Website: Awesome Maps

16 Replies to “Awesome Maps”

  1. Great to hear from a fellow map lover! When I bought both National Geographic and Rand-McNally atlases, I considered returning one, but realized they had different maps with different information and I needed both. I miss the day when you could grab a road map in any gas station; and there’s something about looking at a topo map and seeing the land in your mind’s eye as you plan your route.

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    1. Oh yeah, for sure, gas stations and maps were just as natural as gas stations and gas. I have a box of old maps that are tattered and useless to anyone with a phone, but for some reason I keep them around.

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  2. they did a really cool visual representations of the point of interests! saw that they have a hiking one too

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