Arianne Jones

On our newest podcast episode we are so fortunate to be joined by an amazing woman who spent years speeding down mountains at 140km/h. Arianne Jones is an Olympic luger, world cup gold medalist, holistic chef and nutritionist, and co-creator of SEND bars. 

In this episode we talk to Arianne about how she has found a way to thrive despite numerous setbacks, including a broken back and Lyme disease.  She is one of the most inspiring athletes we’ve had the chance to chat with. Arianne is so articulate, engaging, and educational, it was an absolute pleasure to have her on the show.

In addition to opening up about the life of an Olympic athlete, Arianne shares some remarkable insights from her expertise as a nutritionist and holistic chef. I learned more about the importance of nutritional health in this conversation than I have in the rest of my years combined. But, it wasn’t just what I was taught, I was also moved to make what turns out to be some very simple changes in order to have a healthier more beneficial way of eating and living.

We hope you enjoy this episode as Carrot and Arianne Jones talk about everything from nutritional health and the origins of SEND Bars to speeding down a mountain on an ice slide at 140km/h.

A huge thank you to Arianne Jones for the stimulating conversation. You can find more info about Arianne Jones HERE.

You can find out more about SEND Bars HERE.

Of course, we also want to thank you for listening. You can find the interview on theDIHEDRAL Podcast HERE, and listed on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

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