Art in Rock Climbing: Part I

Given how climbing is an expression itself, it is no surprise that artists have found inspiration in climbing. In this new series, Art in Rock Climbing, we’re going to explore the various climbing art media. We’ll start with my favorite, photography, today.

Why take climbing photos?

  1. cool climbing pics for social media
  2. represent the earth’s beauty
  3. demonstrate feelings climbers have on the wall (fear, euphoria, etc.)
  4. keep busy if there are an odd number of climbers
  5. get paid
  6. expose what others couldn’t see in climbing otherwise

Who takes climbing photos?

  1. professional photographers
  2. outdoor enthusiasts
  3. Mountain Project contributors (true life savers honestly)
  4. hikers passing by in awe
  5. theDIHEDRAL crew
  6. anyone who wants to take pictures

How do you take climbing photos?

  1. acquire a camera, e.g. a:
    1. phone
    2. DSLR
    3. film camera
    4. lithography kit
  2. find a subject, such as a:
    1. climber
    2. belayer
    3. friend in the background
    4. send snacks
    5. gear
    6. nature
  3. position yourself
    1. from the ground
    2. on a boulder
    3. in a tree
    4. on a static line
    5. secured into the wall
  4. see what you want to capture, and shoot!

What do you do with climbing photos?

  1. share with your friends
  2. send to a magazine or publisher
  3. set new backgrounds for your devices
  4. print and display
  5. re-live the adventure

Photography is for everyone, and I hope you get out there and document your travels! Be safe out there and snap away!


14 Replies to “Art in Rock Climbing: Part I”

  1. Climbing photos i take to remember the days out having fun with mates. Caving photos are taken to show people what is actually like under there. As everyone thinks it is just tight and scary crawls. My partner is an art teacher and she makes sketches, paintings, wood carvings and prints from our trips using the photos as references to work off. Its great seeing the places represented in all different styles.


  2. An old friend of mine, Tobin Sorenson, had an entire photo presentation made up of pics he took on various climbs around the world. He titled the presentation “Alpinism.” It was an amazing slide show (remember slides?). One of the fan favorites was a picture he took looking back down the route on El Cap while hanging upside down from a foot jamb. He was an amazing climber, but not as many know how he excelled in capturing the mountain experience in exceptionally beautiful photos. This post brought back a lot of memories about that guy! Thanks!

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      1. Yes, Tobin was amazing. Exceptional climber a well. Member of the original Stonemasters” with John Long, Jim Westbay. and Jim “The Bird” Bridwell.

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