Climbing vs. Culture – Dating in The Climbing Community

The second episode of our mini series, Climbing vs. Culture, is here! On today’s episode, we discuss dating in the climbing community, courting, and recreating – a term that will blow your mind and make sense when put into context.

Kait, Payson, and I are all in committed relationships with members of our climbing community, while some more active than others, we have observed several dynamics that might give you an idea of what goes down at the gym, and anywhere where people feel attraction, really. So tag along to get the scoop and to find out what “recreation” means in this conversation! Also, Kait’s partner joined the fun and tagged along with us!

The topic in question is discussed from our own perspective and based on our experiences in the climbing community. Beware that the latter ranges from vast to limited, so the answers to the questions and the comments that follow suit will vary and are in no way set in stone.

Join us as we cover the second topic of TheDihedral’s Climbing vs. Culture mini series, Dating in The Climbing Community.

To listen to the second episode of Climbing vs. Culture HERE, and on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

Let’s catch up!

6 Replies to “Climbing vs. Culture – Dating in The Climbing Community”

  1. It is good when people are connected to one another with drives for the same passion.

    You can understand each other better and your goals and endeavors have the power to draw and bring you closer together.

    They say opposites attract and that may be true for some but there is so much more to share when you have so much in common to enjoy and explore.

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