Personality Quiz: Crag Snack

In rock climbing, a crag snack can be just as crucial as gear. When a climber doesn’t have the right energy, physical and/or emotional, their climb can be a disaster. Maybe that means they don’t get the send, or maybe that means they slip and take a massive whipper. Sure, maybe bad things happen with the right crag snack, but why tempt fate? You might as well eat the right crag snack for you just in case it helps. But High-Clip, you ask, how do I know what the right snack is for me? Fret not; I have you covered. Just answer the following questions:

  1. How impulsive are you?
    1 – what’s an impulse?
    2 – I bury my impulses deep
    3 – solidly average
    4 – my actions are driven by my impulses
    5 – I didn’t know people could think before acting
  2. How much energy do you have?
    1 – I’m not even sure I’m alive
    2 – naps are my favorite pastime
    3 – I like sleep but I don’t need it
    4 – sleep is for the weak
    5 – I don’t have an off switch
  3. Do you like puzzles?
    1 – opening a tin can is enough
    2 – when I’m in a curious mood
    3 – everyone needs some spice here and there
    4 – I go down rabbit holes frequently
    5 – I live in The Matrix
  4. How irritable are you?
    1 – my blood pressure is normal during rush hour traffic
    2 – I’m generically polite to people I don’t like
    3 – I’ll yelp if I stub a toe, but I’ll forget it in 30 seconds
    4 – my conversations can get rather heated
    5 – I will smite my enemies with no mercy
  5. How much do you need order?
    1 – there is the right way, and then there’s everything else
    2 – imperfections are okay sometimes
    3 – as much as an American public school
    4 – I need to chaos to keep things interesting
    5 – there is only chaos

Now…tally up those scores and find out which snack is for you!

5-8: Bread rolls. You know you love it, and you know you need it.

9-12: Hummus and veggies. Tell me I’m wrong.

13-16: Wheat Thins. Just right.

17-20: Cheez-Its. Flavored for those on the high end.

21+: Whatever you can bum off of others. Don’t lie; you were never going to pack any food.

Maybe this quiz was a tad subjective, but no matter the outcome, I hope you find your crag snack! Let us know your suggestions in the comments.


21 Replies to “Personality Quiz: Crag Snack”

  1. 1.3 ~ 2.4 ~ 3.4 ~ 4.1&4 ~ 5.1&5 Thing is, life is so unpredictable. Some days there’s order and calm, then other days chaos! I mean, climbing is a representation of that, right? Anyways, I recall having nothing to eat but a Nākd bar from a vending machine, before going in to attend two C sections. So, let us just say, probably put me down for the Bum snacks off of others. 🍫

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  2. Wheat Thins is spot on but only with Roasted Capsicum dip, brie, blue cheese and some nice shaved deli meat. That’s the usual for climbing day trips. Multiday or multipitch is just scroggin with extra m&m’s

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      1. I would reduce the grades I’m climbing to increase the feast I could bring. A different course at the anchor for each pitch with dessert at when we finally top out.

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