Climbing Games: Part I

In the past few years, I’ve become more and more into games (card, board, video…you name it). As I play more and more games, I find myself wondering how I might have tweaked the game to make it better. Maybe I would have changed a certain rule, or maybe I would have added a different type of action. In this series, I’ll come up with a few climbing games, and you guys will help me make it better. Who knows…maybe we’ll see a rock climbing game out there soon.

To keep things easy to picture, let’s start with a climbing video game today.

Name: Climb On

Players: 1-2

World: A collection of places with many crags, e.g. the Red, the New, Yosemite.


You start as a beginner rock climber with basic skills, gear, stamina, and health. You can visit any crag you want, but each general area you are in is grouped by difficulty, so you should start in the easiest areas first. As you climb certain routes, you can choose to use certain skills or strength to make it through each crux. If you run out of stamina, or a hold breaks, you fall and are lowered. If you take a bad fall, your health takes a hit. To regenerate health, you have to eat or sleep. You can get better gear at shops, and you get more skills as you climb different routes. You can ask anyone to belay you, but they may require different things in return (another catch, a snack, etc.). The way you belay people can affect their perception of you, and this affects who will climb with you. Belaying well might entice another climber to donate gear to you.

A second player can be your climbing partner, and you guys can climb together throughout the game. Perhaps there could be way where you can climb with others online. Climbing with others above your level helps you learn new skills, and climbing with others beneath your level helps you build stamina. Participating in climbing competitions can earn you money and gear, but of course there are participation fees.

The graphics in this game would probably make or break it, and I can’t even guess how long it would take to develop, but it sounds like a fun way to stay connected to climbing/the climbing community even when you’re not able to be climbing. Who’s got any ideas to make it better?


11 Replies to “Climbing Games: Part I”

  1. This will some day , in near future be a huge money maker especially since I don’t think there is any video games like this. Genius.

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    1. I am one who grew up with arcade games, Atari etc….

      I love video games.

      There are more fun advanced games out here now, but as one who was a constant player- I know this sounds good and would work.

      It has challenges, and it builds determination as a player to master the strategy of the game to conquer obstacles and prevail.

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