Mrs. Donovan

Carrot back at it again with his genius brain, bringing Mrs. Donovan into our realm for a couple of minutes via TheDihedral Podcast! In today’s episode, we create a fictional scenario where Charlie Brown’s teacher is an outdoor enthusiast and educator.

Join us as Carrot takes us to an alternate reality where Mrs. Donovan forms part of our outdoor community. Let’s see how much of the conversation you can put together!

We hope you find this shot episode sweet and fun, and bring some comforting nostalgia your way. Which Peanuts character is your favorite? Ours is clearly… Snoopy, ha!

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12 Replies to “Mrs. Donovan”

  1. I love that animated photo/image of the Peanuts gang in the classroom.

    Snoopy is my favorite too! So cute and comical.

    What always got me was the annoying sound the adults made when they spoke in the Charlie Brown series. So ridiculously funny.

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