Dirtbag Diner

Sooooooooooo!  We have been working on a concept for a cooking show that focuses on recipes for dirtbags.  Essentially, we planned on cooking and teaching others to cook food that is easy, cheap, packable, healthy, and delicious.  

That concept was put into action with the help of several friends who served as both the talent and production, i.e. in front of the camera and behind the camera.  The result of our collaboration was a new short form cooking show titled “Dirtbag Diner”.

While the goal of the show was to focus on food that is easy, cheap, packable, healthy, and delicious, we may have missed the mark every now and then when it came to health.  And delicious is a relative term, so why even include that.  I mean, what is delicious to one may be less than that for another, who is to say?  If I’m the one keeping score on deliciousness, I would rate each recipe as a true 10/10, but ultimately who am I?

Dirtbag Diner offers you a chance to learn and replicate recipes from the trail, the backwoods, the campsites, and the side of the road.  Recipes that have been offering the creative minds of theDIHEDRAL sustenance throughout the years.

We plan on releasing a new episode each month on our YouTube channel, and we hope you’ll follow along. Feel free to compliment, criticize, praise, or berate.  We would love for you to follow, like, and comment as much as possible.  Let us know what you think.  And any help spreading the show to others would be the icing on the dirtbag cake!

A huge thank you Jen for hosting episode 1, and to Isa for all her time filming and editing.  Another huge thanks to you for your support and encouragement.

Without further ado, here is Episode #1 of Dirtbag Diner.

Episode 1 – “Polento” 

Ingredients List – Polenta – Pesto – Parsley                      

24 Replies to “Dirtbag Diner”

  1. One of my favorites about food. “It was so good it made me swear” Not that this potty mouth needs a reason. Great filming & editing too.

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  2. Apparently, Jen is my sister from another mother that I didn’t know I had! 😉 Was she wearing a mic? I feel her voice could use a little more volume with the ambient noise and the intro music being noticeably louder. Try to get the sound editing a bit more balanced, I know it’s tough, that’s why people win Oscars for that sort of thing. Also, she’s accidentally color coordinated with the neutral colors of the kitchen. I find that merlot/wine, emerald or jade green, azure, purple, and rust or burnt orange are all colors that look good on us pale beauties with dark hair. Isn’t “tomato pesto” just salsa? Or are they different? I like the recipe choice for overall easiness, affordability and creativity. I also liked the swearing at the end! It was funny and unexpected. Way to go, Jen!

    Great job to everyone involved! I look forward to seeing more videos!

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    1. Melanie, these notes are so helpful…thank you for taking some time share these insights. We bought cost friendly mic packs, that were a mistake, you get what you pay for and they never once worked. For season two hopefully we get it right. We recorded several episodes that day, so the wardrobe mods will have to wait, but I copied your message to a doc so moving forward we get some colors to pop! And finally, you have to jump on the tomato pesto train…it’s so good! Essentially just pesto with sun dried tomatoes added to the recipe…but now that you mention it, salsa may be a little more on brand! Thanks again for the notes Melanie, I’ll let your long lost sister know you said hello!

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  3. What a great idea…I am always telling people to pack healthy food! And I love that the first easy recipe is polenta….I apack food that I eat at home, no hot dog I a stick for me (ok every once in awhile 😂)

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    1. Yep, not sure my recipes would work; this prairie Cajun likes catfish and smoked meats with hi veggies! But, hey, I make polenta with veggies!
      Nous parle le français sur la prairie de les Cajuns!

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  4. I know I’ll be watching. This month my boyfriend and I moved into our van. We’ve been eating the same few things so far. Looking forward to new ideas.

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