Prana Stretch Zion Pant II

Plato held to the notion of a two-world view.  There was our world where objects are imperfect replicas of their perfect counterparts in the other world, the Real World.  Objects of the Real World are these things that Plato referred to as Forms.  Forms are eternal unchanging ideals that are perfect in every single way.  Plato suggests that every object in our imperfect world only exists because of its resemblance to its perfect counterpart/the Form in the Real World.

Through great perils into the depth of conversation we can climb (Plato was a climber at heart) upward toward a better understanding of all that is real.  Through honest humbling conversations, through the depths of the dialectic method we might gain insight into the beauty of the Forms.  With the right work, the right attitude, and the right circumstances one might come to experience the perfection of reality in its purest Form!

For Plato, this ascension through Socratic style deliberation could reveal the meaning of virtues like temperance, courage, wisdom and justice.  Mathematical and physical objects such as circles and chairs could be revealed as well.  The Form of a circle for example, is the model by which all other circles should be measured.  The same can be said for the Form of a chair, and the Form of the virtues.

It is my belief that the folks at Prana must be Platonists, because these interlocutors of style have captured the essence, the ideal, the Form of panthood.

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Prana Stretch Zion Pants (now the Stretch Zion II) is the perfect pair of pants.  I am not simply saying that these are the best pants ever made, although they are.  I am saying that these are the best possible pants that could be made.  I am saying that the designers at Prana ascended into the Platonic world of the Forms and grabbed the blueprint for what all other pants should aspire to be.

I have five pair.  I wear them climbing in the morning, their ability to stretch gives me the confidence to know that I am not going to blow out the crotch when my legs are pulled in opposite directions.  I wear them to class; their fashionable style allows me to teach all day in unmatched comfort.  I have worn these from the crag to the bag, the breathability allows fresh air to circulate while climbing, and the comfortability makes for a restful sleep.

Prana has long been known for its sustainability efforts, from production to packaging Prana is leading the way.  The Stretch Zion Pant know also as the ReZion is no different.  They contain recycled material, they are Bluesign approved, and Fair Trade certified.  Beyond that they contain a durable water repellent, and UPF 50+.  The comfort, the pockets, the built in belt, every aspect of these pants are perfect, but my favorite feature is the $10 pocket.  That’s right every time you reach into the back pocket there is a fresh crisp $10 bill, I’m not sure how it works, but it doesn’t take these pants long to pay for themselves1.

I’ve never tried to climb in a toga, and unfortunately Plato never had the opportunity to climb in the Prana Stretch Zion Pant II, but if he had, I am 100% confident that he would have agreed that these pants capture the ideal, the perfection, and the Form of Pants.

Recommendation: Everyone


  • ReZion™ recycled nylon blend stretch performance fabric
  • Webbing adjustable waistband 
  • Left thigh zipper cargo pocket with double entry
  • Concealed zipper coin pocket with elastic key loop
  • Front thigh seam detail
  • Mesh lined pockets
  • Back patch pockets with flap at back right pocket
  • Ventilated inseam gusset
  • Snap roll up feature at hem

MSRP: $95

Website: prAna

  1. There is no such thing as the $10 pocket.

19 Replies to “Prana Stretch Zion Pant II”

  1. Sir/Madam… Sorry to cut the matter of an argument in place of appreciating the Written…I would like to know how easy was it to gather more followers more than 14k

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    1. Some weeks are easier than others, but we try to be true to the goals of the site, and although sometimes we miss the mark, we try to be consistent in our writing.

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      1. These are amazing. Supportive, comfortable, great traction, not super heavy. I’ve worn them in the snow this year and my feet stayed dry. I wish I’d bought high-tops!

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  2. Wow. I think that I have my new hiking pants. Gonna try them on at REI soon. (I had some cotton Prana pants for 5-years.)

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  3. I really like the subject of this post and look forward to seeing more.
    Plato held to the concept of a two world view where objects were imperfect replicas of their perfect selves in the Real World. The Real World contains eternal unchanging ideals called Forms. Plato believed that every object in our reality exists due to its resemblance to the perfect Form in the Real World. Prana Stretch Zion Pants (now the Stretch Zion II) are considered the perfect pants that embody every aspect of Plato’s ideas. Made of ReZion™ recycled nylon blend stretch performance fabric, webbing adjustable waistband with vented gussets, concealed zipper coin pocket with elastic key loop, and snap roll-up hem feature, these pants are versatile and durable. They are also Bluesign approved and Fair Trade certified. Despite the claim in the text that these pants have a $10 pocket, it is fictional.
    Can you let me know when your new blog posts will come out?

    Thank you
    Juan Miller –

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