Dirtbag Diner

Here we go again with a new episode of Dirtbag Diner!  Jen Alger, brings together an ingredient list that would send even the toughest critics to the moon with delight.

We’ve shared so many great experiences together with this simple yet delicious recipe providing all the fuel for all the sends we could handle. theDIHEDRAL camp staple for sure!

We hope you enjoy this episode and as always please feel free to let us know what you think…good, bad, or indifferent!  If you are feeling really passionate about this episode don’t hesitate to give us a like/follow on YouTube!

Episode #3 – Quick Crag Quesadillas

Episode #3

Ingredients List: Tortillas, Cheese, Refried Beans

13 Replies to “Dirtbag Diner”

    1. I actually love the idea of a rehydration episode…just adding water to dehydrated food! Insane as it sounds, that seems like it could be a compelling watch! Thank you for the idea!

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  1. These are cute little segments. And I love the doggie shot towards the end.

    I never ate an entire quesadilla. My mother loved them! I think she gave me a piece of hers once to try it out when we were at a restaurant. She ate the Lobster quesadillas and one’s with cheese.

    I did not eat them because the ones made back then had meat or other ingredients in them that I did not eat.

    But some of them look delicious anyhow!

    I hope you keep making more of these videos.

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