The Obed: Tyranny Roofs (Crag Review)

If you need more of The Obed, hop over to Tyranny Roofs! It might be one of the hardest walls at the Obed, but it’s completely worth it.

For starters, as the name implies, this wall is completely covered by a HUGE roof. So, even though the approach is a bit long (and perhaps a tad confusing), this wall is made for rainy day sends. However, some routes continue up the roof, and thus you may not always send unless you are pretty strong. On the bright side, the roof sections all have permas, so no need to worry about gear there.

Speaking of weather, Tyranny is great for cooler days since it is covered in sun most of the day. There are big boulders in front of the wall to set up shop for the entire day. Even more, there are little stones to sit on beneath the boulders in case you want to snack or rest up in the shade. Once you’re on the wall, though, you’re in the sun, so I’d recommend some sunscreen any time of the year here. The rock here is super textured, so even if you get a little sweaty, you’ll stick.

Now for the fun stuff: the climbing. The routes at Tyranny range from insanely fun to insanely hard. There are a lot of slopers here, which make leading that much more scary. Additionally, the walls are incredibly tall, so while you might get a little pumped, the views at the top are fantastic. Per usual in TN, a stick clip would be a good thing to bring for this crag, as some of the bolts start pretty high. Since Tyranny has some of the Obed’s most challenging climbing, it is often the most empty spot as well. Sometimes you might have to negotiate warm-ups, but in general your routes are open and everyone gets plenty of space on the ground. Even if some routes aren’t open, people are usually happy to share their gear and rotate around with other parties.

Tyranny Roofs is not for the faintest of hearts, but it is a must-see over at the Obed! Any chilly or rainy day would be a perfect time to visit Tyranny and try hard on anything that your heart desires. Stay safe out there!

High-Clip Co-writer

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